France Visa Lottery Application Form 2022

France Visa Lottery Application – Are you amongst the large number of people who are interested in information about how to complete a France Visa Lottery Application? Amazingly this article has a detailed explanation about how you could go through the process effortlessly.

First, you must be aware that France is a classy country with great living and working conditions. The salary package is top-notch, with a social security standard that is soothing alongside an accommodating populace.

Finding out that people who have hopes of relocating to France could stand a chance applying via a visa lottery application can be very encouraging and pleasing.

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It wouldn’t be a surprise to find out that a lot of persons who find Visa processing a difficult deal are yet to find out about this easy path. Every unanswered question about what this visa process entails has been answered very plainly here.

What France Visa Lottery Application is Like

If you’re wondering what this visa application is like, bother no further! France visa lottery application is an online process that requires applicants to fill in necessary requirements and information that are needed to help them get a visa.

We all know that relocating or visiting a different country order than our own country would definitely require a visa, and this Visa has different types too. However, a France visa lottery helps qualified applicants get a visa without the usual stress.

Types of France Visa Lottery Application Form

Like we said earlier, the France visa lottery has multiple application forms one can apply with. Making a choice sometimes depends on the reason why you want to move to France. The regular types of visas you can apply for are as follows:

  1. Visitor’s visa
  2. Skilled worker visa
  3. Student visa
  4. Transit visa
  5. Tourist visa
  6. Farmworker visa
  7. Diplomat visa etc.

From this list, it’s very evident that you now know or have an idea of what types of Visa you can go for when applying for a  France visa lottery application.

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How to Complete a France Visa Lottery Successfully

Completing a visa lottery application is a simple exercise if you follow the necessary steps with so much focus on details. Here are important steps you are bound to follow when going through this process;

  1. All necessary documents should be ready and available: there are paper prerequisites you must meet up with to make the application a success.
  • An original international passport must be valid beyond the next six months, due to the fact that you can not go for a visa that is not up to that number of months.
  • A coloured passport photograph: this must include your full name and passport number clearly stated on it’s sides.
  • Passport Copies: this comprises of Bio page, passport sheets ( both taken in colour), profession page, expiry page with any other endorsement page.
  • The airline verified tickets.

Depending on the travel criteria you meet, it’s possible that other documents would also be required.

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  1. Verify Eligibility: aside from documentation, satisfying at least one of the terms and conditions for going to France is very important. These terms are;
  • You must have traveled at least once in the last two (2) years to the UK, Australia, UAE, Canada, Schengen countries, New Zealand, OR have a valid visa for any of the above-listed countries. ( the bureau will check out for the stamp on the visa.)
  • Having a family member who is residing in France, and had called you over is another term. (This is only valid for a spouse, children below 21, and parents who are above 60 years of age.) This will require you to present an invitation letter alongside a copy of the labor agreement that was attested by the Commercial Visa Embassy in France with a marriage certificate proving the invitation for spouse or a birth certificate proving invitation for children.
  • For a student migrating without his/her parents, you will be required to provide a NOC letter from your parents, a student ID card, the address details of your relative in France along with a photo of your parents or guardian.
  • A financial record stating you own a bank account in your country and that you have enough money to see you through your stay, is required. If you meet this requirement, you will be expected to produce an original bank account statement for the past six months with the bank stamp and signature on it, including your payroll slips, your employer’s approval and his or her name. If it’s a sponsored trip, your company’s seal or signature must be included.
  1. Choose the type of France visa lottery you need from the ones listed above.
  2. Complete your visa application form correctly without missing out on any detail or document.
  3. Summit form at France visa application center, with your form, documents, a photocopy of your airline ticket, and a photocopy of the first and last two pages of your international passport.
  4. Track your France visa lottery application by checking the status after 3-4 working days.

With these outlined steps, you could gain a successful France Visa Lottery Application and could move to France as soon as it is processed.

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