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Ever wondered how you can make money posting ads? in this article, we are going to list some of the coolest ways you can make money today, by posting ads both online and offline.

Pay per click advertising

Pay-Per-Click ads, also called Cost Per Click or CPC, happen to be one of the most common models of Internet advertising. How this works, is that an advertiser will pay you once someone clicks on their ad.

Some of the advertisers, that will pay you for posting their ads

are, Infolinks, Chitika,


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Sell Ads on your blog

If your blog is already getting decent traffic, you may want to sell direct ads on your website, in a bid to take things in your control. You’ll need an “Advertise with us” page on your blog listing out the different formats of ads available, as well as how much it costs per month. Ensure that you mention your Alexa rank  Google PageRank, as well as other traffic stats for buyers to know.

However, if you want to save yourself the stress of selling, you can use the following third-party alternatives to sell ads on your blog – BuySellAds, BlogAds etc.

Sell text links on your blog

If your blog gets good organic traffic, you can try text-link ads, where you link a piece of text on your site to another page on a different site.

However, before you try these, ensure you use the Nofollow tag, in order to combat any possible Google penalty. E.g. Linkworth.

Link worth, stands as a popular text-link network, where you’ll also find options to use rotating text ads, paid reviews etc. The minimum threshold for payouts is $25 if you are using PayPal and $100 for Check Wire Transfer and EFT.

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“Cost per Click” ad networks

Here, we will be looking at CPM (Cost per Thousand) which is an alternative to CPC (Cost Per Click). With CPM, you are paid for every 1,000 ad impressions served. While your income can vary greatly with CPC, this isn’t the case with CPM. If your CPM networks sets your CPM, for example at $5 per 100,000 impressions, then you will make $500 in total when that number is reached.


Popup ads also provide a way of earning money. You can display these ads as pop-ups or pop-unders.

An example is PopAds, which offers pop-under ads, and works quite well with an English-speaking traffic. Here, you set your own price and the pop-under frequency for each visitor.

You can get paid through AlertPay, Paypal as well as with Wire Transfer, and you can withdraw payments any time. They also operate a referral program at 10% of the earnings.

Paid reviews

Another medium of making good money is by publishing reviews on various products and services which you trust. The best part about this arrangement is that you command a price per review. However, what you earn may depend on your rank and incoming traffic, and your niche.

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Making Money Posting Ads Offline

Respectively, you can get paid posting ads offline and in-person. If you are ready to earn money offline in different ways, here are options you can try:

Run a Race

More and more companies today, are sponsoring marathoners to advertise their company products and brand. One such brand is Nike, which has sponsored athletes who agree to participate in a marathon.

Local brands also sponsor marathons promoting social responsibility and charity work to help make their brand more popular.

You can make money when you participate in these marathons and win. This offers a great avenue of getting paid to lose weight and get in shape.

You can also participate in a walk and offer sponsored ads.

Advertise on Your Car

Car advertising is still one of the oldest and most lucrative forms of advertising. Here, you can make money via companies like Carvertise.

Alternatively, several local and national companies can pay you if you accept to wrap your car with their products or brand.

Get a Tattoo

You can also make money by getting a tattoo, surprise? Yes, you can consider getting your body tattooed with the logo of famous brands, mostly if you are a celebrity.

The brand or the company can pay you, just to have a temporary or a permanent tattoo on your body advertising them.

Host a Conference or an Event

Conferences and events, offer a lucrative medium of earning money if you can manage the hassles that come with managing vendors, facilitating venues, and coordinating schedules.

However, you’ll likely need quite a number of devoted audience, in order to host a conference.

Also, you can use marketing to build an audience from scratch. However, it will likely cost you. Once you are able to pull all that off, you’d be surprised to discover that people are willing to pay $700-$1,500 each. People even pay up to $10,000 for some conferences.

Most of these, are companies, that are paying, so their employees can attend to learn, network and grow as professionals.

You can now see that you can make some cool money by posting ads, both online and offline. Who doesn’t need something extra? We all do. So get up today and start making money just by posting ads.

You can never tell what you can make out of it. You can start up with any of the above-listed methods that you are eligible for.


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