How To Activate Free Facebook | Turn On Facebook Free Mode

How To Activate Free Facebook – The use of Facebook free Mode is so unique and so different from other social media platforms as no other social media over the years gives leverage to its users to browse freely without internet bandwidth. Click the Link to Activate Free mode.

To activate Facebook free Mode and start using the Facebook platform for free is very simple and you can do it within a short time period with little or no stress.

Take note: The Facebook free Mode doesn’t allow users to have access to one area which is ‘’Media’’ such Media includes:

  • Pictures
  • Audios
  • Videos

It is important to know that Facebook has the best interest of its users in mind that is why the different platform is provided for you to have access to their various services. There are categorically two modes in which users can access the Facebook platform and they include:

  • Free Mode
  • Data Mode

 Facebook Data And Free Mode

Facebook comprises of different features that make their platform the most used social media platform. Data Mode is a Mode on Facebook that is not free internet bandwidth is required. When you sign in to your Facebook account, the data mode is what will run your services. This Mode will give you access to Facebook is full whereby you can access anything on FB.

Facebook Free Mode as earlier discussed is totally free you can chat with friends especially when you don’t have internet bandwidth at the moment and needs to contact your FB friend.

Facebook Free Mode Settings

To activate the Facebook Free Mode, you will require a Facebook Mobile App on your Android or Apple device. If you want to switch from the Data Mode to the Free Mode, the setting is very simple. This will help you manage your data usage especially if you do more chatting.

When you sign in to your Facebook account using your Mobile App, you will find the top of your page is caption ‘’You are in Data Mode’’ is found at the top left. Besides that, you will find a write-up in a rectangle that says ‘’ Go to Free.’’  Immediately after you click on the Go to Free option, you will be asked to verify your action. Once that is done you will be accessing the Facebook Free Mode.

I believe the process is so easy and straightforward. So, you can share with friends and families to learn also if you find this so useful.    

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