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To set up a Facebook business account or a Facebook business page is simple, and this can help boost your business visibility and likewise your business engagement with people.

Facebook Business Account Setup

It important to NOTE Facebook pages are meant for the following;

  • Businesses
  • Brands
  • Organizations
  • Public figures

The Facebook pages are simply meant for the aforementioned to share their stories and connect with their target audience or people. Just as Facebook profiles, Facebook Pages can also be customized with

  • Stories
  • Insights
  • Events and
  • Activities Updates, amongst all other things.

Therefore people or Facebook users who like or follow a Facebook Page can get updates in their Facebook account News Feed section.

For individuals such as the aforementioned to create a Facebook page or a Facebook business account, you simply need to have a personal Facebook account, and if you don’t have you need to create one.

It’s simply important that all Facebook business pages/ Facebook business account or fan pages, should be linked to one personal Facebook account at least.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Account Or Facebook Business Page?

  • Tap or click to choose “Page type” of your choice you like to create on the displayed page.
  • Proceed by filling out the required information in the appropriate columns.
  • Click “Continue” then proceed by following the on-screen instructions displayed to you.

Once you have had your Facebook business account or Facebook business page created, you will need to proceed to doing the following in completely setting up your FB business account or Facebook business page;

  • Select a profile picture (this will appear on your page, and will serve as the icon next to each item you post from your business account). 
  • An ideal logo representing your business.
  • A professional Facebook cover photo, (Designing a display background Facebook profile photo image that shows your business prospect to your customers)

Finally, you can further by inviting all of your current customers, Facebook friends, and Facebook community members to like your new Facebook fan page so as to grow your Facebook business network and increase your Facebook engagements. 

Having followed the above steps, congratulations your Facebook business account or Facebook page is now active!


Anyone can actually create a Facebook page or Facebook business account, but then only the official representatives of organization, business, brand or public figure can create a Page on their behalf. With the necessary information of course.

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