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Waptrick or www.waptrick.com is one of the old wap sites that offer free mps3 music, movies, games, videos, and apps. All for free. So if you are in search of a site where you can always download the latest mp3 music, games, and videos for free, www.waptrick.com is one site I will advise you to add to your bookmark.

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Waptrick is sometimes misspelled by people “Waptrik /Waptric”.  Waptrick website is basically designed for mobile download. With this site, you can download files and a lot of stuff, I mean you can never be bored on this site at all. The nice thing about Waptrick website is that compactable with all kinds of phones and devices whether Android, Java, iPhone, or Symbian.

There are different kinds of files you can download on Waptrick some of the files you can download include Mp3 Music files Games, Applications, Videos, Audio cues, Live Wallpaper, Themes, Pictures & Photos, Animations, TV series, Song Lyrics and more. You have so many varieties to choose from on this site as the site is constantly updated every day.

On the Waptrick page, you have lots of media files such as Movies, Audio files, videos, Mp4, Games, and More.

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Waptrick has so many other alternative sites you can also use, some of them are Wapdam, Zamob, Gartisindo, Mexicowap, Zonkewap, wap.in, and Wapafull. Note that all these sites I just listed have been unified under WAPTRICK.

This means that once you try visiting any of the above-listed sites you will be redirected to Waptrick Official site www.waptrick.one. In this article, there are so many things I will be unveiling about the Waptrick site. We will be looking at some of the alternative links that I have just listed.

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www Waptrick com has been a major site for download media files for the past many years now. Waptrick.com is a free download website. There no much process to download Waptrick file. Just visit the site www.waptrick.one or www.waptrick.com or any of the alternative link I list earlier and once you appear on the home page, here you go.

WapTrick – Waptrick com Download

 As www.waptrick.com is a download website, I want to put you through how you download from this site without stress. If you are looking for a perfect website to download Mobile App, Wallpapers, Mp4 Videos, MP3 Songs, Theme and other Mobile app files here is one of the best places you can get it free and easy. It’s just one of those nice websites for mobile downloads.

At any time of the day, you can visit the Waptrick.com site to download movies, music, Music videos, and many other packages for your mobile device. This site is majorly for mobile App downloads. There so many categories for you to explore. Some of them are.

  • Horoscope
  • Song Lyrics
  • TV series
  • Dropant Online Games

Do I need to Login/Sign up to Waptrick ?

This is for the new bees on this site, unlike other mobile download sites where you have to first sign up and login before you can start downloading any file, you don’t need to do all that on waptrick.com.

Here as soon as you have a good internet-connected device then file your way to the Waptrick home page you can start downloading whatever thing brought you to the site. So by now you should no you don’t need any form of sign up or log in to access the Waptrick site.

Files you Can Download on www.waptrick.com

Let us look at a list of some files you can download on waptrick free.

  • Music.
  • Games.
  • Photos & Pictures
  • Theme
  • Animation
  • Sound  effect
  • Applications
  • Photo gallery
  • Dropant Online games
  • Song Lyrics
  • Horoscope
  • Videos.
  • Apps etc.
  • Waptrick Movies such as TV series, actions movies, Hindi, and many others.

Waptrick.com Mp3 Downloads

 For those of us who are real music lovers, waptrick.com mp3 downloads really got you covered. Music is one thing I know almost everybody loves because if you don’t love all kinds of music you must at least love either Gospel, Rap, POP, RnB, country music, Rap/HipHop.

Waptrick.com Mp3 download has them all. Music they say keeps body and soul together. With www.waptrick.com you always download your favorite songs. 

Without wasting much of your time I will be giving you a direct link to download music from Waptrick. Just use this link “Waptrick.com Mp3 Downloads”, this link will take you directly to the Music category on the site.

How to Download music from www.waptrick.com

Do you want to download music from the Waptrick website? Never mind I have taken the time to put out a list of guidelines on how Download music from Waptrick.

  1. Copy the link http://waptrick.com/en/mp3 and paste on your address bar on your browser
  2. Here you will find different lists of mp3 music, select the category you want.
  3. You will also find some music categorized according to your country  
  4. Then you can search for the music you want to download and click on it.

Waptrick Games, Android Games, and Free Game Download

Now, this is purely for game lovers, what kind of device do you have just name it Waptrick is here for you, whether Andriod, java, or Symbian at any time you can download games from Waptrik and play on your mobile device.

Just make sure the game you are downloading is for your device and that is all.  www.waptrick.com allows you to download games and apps with regards to the version of your device.

Games on Waptrick are also classified just like Waptrick music is. Waptrick games are classified into Movie Games, Platform Games, Casino Games, Christmas Games, Sports Games Mind Games, classic games, Puzzle games, etc.

The waptrick.com Mobile game download is designed in such a user-friendly manner. For those of us who might really be new on the waptrick.com website, we have made things easy providing the link that that takes you directly to where you can find the list of games. Simply use this link to reach the Waptrick game list http://waptrick.com/en/game/

How To Download Games and Application

 Let me put you through the process of how to download games from Waptrick Game category. Just follow the step you see below.

  1. Visit the link http://waptrick.com/en/game/  on your browser
  2. Click on any of the Game categories
  3. Select the game you wish to download
  4. Then click on download

Waptrick Videos | Free 3gp, Mp4 Videos Download

There are so many sites where you can download free videos online. From my analysis, I found out that a very good number of the people that download videos online are usually movie lovers. On waptrick.com there so many recordings for you to download for free.

Also on the video section is also categorized. Waptrick.com is done that way to make navigation very simple as they have so much to offer. So to also reach your video easily we also have provided the direct link here http://waptrick.com/en/mobile_videos/,  Just copy the link to your address bar click enter and you are there.

Waptrick Updates

People will always want to want to be updated on their devices with the lastest stuffs like pictures, themes, Animations, ringing tones, and what have you. Every category on waptick is always updated from time to time. Just visit any category you wish to visit for more and you will get the updates always.

How To Change from English To Any Language on Waptrick

There is so much that make Waptrick a great site. I am sure you will be wondering they have this feature right now. For those of us who are not English-speaking countries using Waptrick is not a problem at all.

You can change Waptrick site language from English to any language you wish. Now no need for a Google translator to be able to use the site. Just follow the guide below to see how you can change Waptrick language from English to any language you understand better.

  • Open the site www.waptrick.com on your browser
  • Scroll down to the footer of the page, there you will find the “change language” option then click on it.
  • Then you find all the country languages that you can change to, select the language, and here you are.

To Know About  Waptrick.com Live Chat

Waptrick.com is one of those sites you can confidently say they have it all in one. Just the same way you have other text communication platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and others. www.waptrick.com has its own social aspect where you can do a live chat with other users online.

Process Of Sign up and Sign in to Waptrick Live Chat

If you are looking for a friend, date, or hook up, on the Live Chat section you can always find one. This section on the waptrick site is for only adults meaning those who are from 18 and above.

  • To use the waptrick live chat you can use any device mobile or PC.
  • Load the site www.waptrick.com on your browser
  • Scrol down the page and you will find the “Live Chat” icon then click on it.
  • You will be requested to input you number to confirm if you are over 18 years of age.
  • Click the “Hook me up” to start.

www.waptrick.com Song Lyric

I know a lot of us always want to know how to sing our favorite songs so we can always sing along and with that enjoy the songs better. Waptrick I always told you got you covered as long as you are online for anything that has to do with media.

Just as you can download Music mp3 from Waptrick you can as well download song Lyric from www.waptrick.com when you enter the website. Click on the song verses in the category then next will be alphabet A-Z.

then click on the alphabet that begins the title of the song you are looking for. Then a page that has all songs that begin with the alphabet.

How To Stream Live on Waptrick TV Series

For over years now Waptrick site has stood the test of time. It is one of the oldest wap sites I know. On Waptrick you can stream TV series. If you don know to stream live on Waptrick we have got you, just follow the guide below.

  • Open waptrick website (www.waptrick.one) on any device or you copy any of these links here www.waptrick.com or www.waptrick.one.
  • On the home page in the first list of categories you will find  TV series click on it.
  • The you will brought the waptrick Official Video streaming know as “Videovak Vidoe streaming platform”
  • From here you choose any TV series you want to download, there lost of them available here like Arrows, Games of Thrones and more. You can as well make use of the search box on the home page to search for any TV series you want to watch.
  • To start watching the TV series choose the series, then the season and finally the episode, then click on the play button.

Just hold on shortly for the TV series to load completely before you begin to stream your TV series. Note that TV series on waptrick are uploaded with very standard quality so it should be one of your go-to place to watch TV series.  

Waptrick Latest Update

Of recent waptrick has taken their time to do some major and important updates which I will be talking about shortly. Although it has been their usual thing to always put updates constantly.

Waptrick com is one of those sites where you get the latest updates for your mobile devices.

 Alternative to Waptrick site

Now we are going to be looking at some alternatives to Waptrick, well they are not alternatives per say but they are the same site as they are directed to waptrick.one, meaning if you can get a hand at any of them you will find yourself on the Waptrick site. Let go ahead and look at them one after the other.


Waphan is one of the alternative sites to waptrick. This site offers free Games Downloads, MP3 Songs, Videoes Themes, Wallpapers, App, etc.  Waphan has been in long existence if you want to check it out here is the link “www.waphan.com”.

On the website, you find Video meeting option which helps you download movies and Movie trailers. When we are talking about movie downloads, you can get a load of them here. So you can visit the site for Free downloads of the series.


Wapdam is also an alternative old site for waptrick. On wapdam you can get lost in Games, MP4 Music, MP3, and so many stuff.

This is a Wapdam website a file-sharing site to get Mobile Games, TV series, and mobile applications. Wapdam has also been very old and popular.


www.Mexicowap.com is a site designed to download mp3 songs, games, app, and videos all for free on your mobile device. With mexicowap media down is fun and very easy.  It’s another great waptrick alternative.


www.zamob.co.za is an African alternative version of waptrick. It is a website where users from all over the world download all kinds of videos, android games, mp3 music, mp4 videos, java games and more. Downloads on Zamob are very simple and direct, you don’t need to sign up or pay for anything before you you can download. Whether Games, Apps Music, Video, TV series all for Free.


Zonkewap is another powerful alternative of waptrick, here is you can also download Apps, Music, MP3, Recordings Games, themes, and more for Free. At any time you can download Games, media files without limit, I mean there is no limit to what you can download on Zonkewap.

Just load the site www.Zonkewap.com and you are there to download games, android apps, MP4, MP3, pictures, Videos, just name any media file you can think of. Zonkewap presently redirects also to waptrick.


Gratisindo is also a great alternative for waptrick. You try to visit Gratisindo site to download mp3 files free for any kind of device you are using. On Gratisindo you don’t also need any form of account creation before you can download mp3 file. Any time you feel like there is this mp3 music you just need to get on your mobile phone just hit on Gratisindo. 

Disclaimer: Note that any form pricy on any kind of material is a highly punishable offense and we here at sunrise.com.ng will not take part in anything of such and completely against it. This post is proven right to guide you without any motive of selling piracy or immoral content. Make sure whatever site you are using has nothing to do with piracy or immorality as you choose the best site and method to download movies and content.

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