Teaching Job Vacancies in Lagos

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Teaching Job Vacancies in Lagos – Searching for jobs in Lagos, especially teaching positions with accommodation, can be challenging in the post-COVID-19 era. Hiring trends and economic factors are currently working against job seekers, with hiring reaching a seven-year low. The market is favoring employers, but many businesses are struggling financially.

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Despite these challenges, there are still opportunities for job seekers in Lagos. If you’re looking for teaching jobs in Lagos, this article aims to guide available positions in nursery, primary, or secondary schools. It’s important to stay proactive and explore these openings, as opportunities do exist even in these tough times.

Requirements for Teaching Job in Lagos State

To apply for a teaching job in Lagos state, especially in public schools and the Lagos state teachers recruitment, candidates are expected to meet specific requirements. These requirements include:

1. Nigerian Citizenship: Candidates must be inherent citizens of Nigeria.

2. Educational Qualifications: They should possess a minimum of five (5) credit grades in WASC/GCE/SSCE, including Mathematics, English, and three other relevant subjects obtained in a single sitting.

3. Academic Degrees: Candidates can hold ND, NCE, HND, or a Bachelor’s Degree (BSC) with a minimum of Second Class Honours (Lower Division) in any education-related discipline. These qualifications are necessary for eligibility for these teaching roles.

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Teaching Job in Lagos State 2023/2024 Application Form

The current recruitment of teachers in Lagos state is conducted online through the application portal tescomjobs.lagosstate.gov.ng. To apply for teaching positions in Lagos state, you can sign up on this portal and submit your application.

It’s worth noting that the Lagos state government’s teacher recruitment initiative serves as one of the measures to address unemployment issues in the country. This effort aims to create employment opportunities and reduce the unemployment rate.

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How to Apply for Teaching Jobs in Lagos State

For those interested in applying for public school teaching jobs in Lagos, you can visit tescomjobs.lagosstate.gov.ng to access the application form. However, it’s essential to remember that submitting multiple applications is not permitted.

If you’re seeking a position in a private school, you can directly apply to the school’s Principal or Vice Principal and include your credentials in your application letter.

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