What is Coronavirus | COVID-19 Symptoms | Prevention – Cure – Corona Virus Update

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Coronavirus – The thing about Viruses is their very extraordinary rate of reproduction especially inside a host cells, there are about 5000 different species of Viruses evolved to adapt to different hosts, tissues or species they attack and how they infect them. Some are spread through the air, some are spread through organisms called Vectors or Carriers, fluids, or waste substances.

What is Coronavirus | Symptoms | Prevention - Cure - Corona Virus Update

Types of Coronavirus illness And Symptoms

Most viruses are extremely parasitic and harmful and like the Coronavirus are also airborne. Coronavirus are a large group or family of virus that cause cold and cold relating illness, they are one of the notable families of viruses that could cause cold relating illness including the infamous Rhinovirus. Basically there are three common types of Coronavirus illness affecting humans, take a look below.

 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

 A fatal rare contagious respiratory illness caused by coronavirus, technically its cases are rare, but as the name implies can cause respiratory issues, cough, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting and fever.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

 Also very rare and caused by the same family of virus, the first time I heard of this was it’s outbreak in China far back as 2002 and it was immediately contained. Difficulty breathing, dry coughs, head and muscle aches and fever are some of it’s symptoms.

Novel Coronavirus

Well this is the new reigning illness caused by coronavirus, it’s brutal and very fatal maybe because we’ve never had cases of it until recently unlike the others. Its currently on the loose.

Basically Coronavirus are spread from animals to humans, there are so many kinds of coronaviruses in animals that humans have not come in contact with, hopes it stays that way, with the fact that they can be spread through fluids, air or by a carrier just makes it easy to contact this illness.

COVID-19 – COVI means Coronavirus D

The NCov popularly known now as COVID-19 ( COVI means Coronavirus D, disease and 19 it’s initial breakout year) is caused by the Ncov which was named by International Committee on Virus Taxonomy as Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome 2. It can be spread very quickly and on a large scale if not contained so thereby the idea of isolating infected people until they are entirely free of the virus.

Symptoms Of Coronavirus

Apparently most kinds of Coronavirus familiar to humans tend to attack the respiratory system, so symptoms may range from difficulty in breathing, cough, shortness of breath, fever and in severe cases pneumonia or kidney and heart failure. It starts with respiratory kinds of illness and as it progresses it becomes severe if no treatment is administered.

Preventions – How To Prevent Coronavirus

  • Washing and sanitizing of hands regularly will go a long way in prevention.
  • Being a gentleman or lady when sneezing or coughing by covering mouth and nose.
  • Make sure the foods you eat are well cooked, especially animal foods.
  • Avoid contacts with rodents especially at your home or anywhere.
  • For now, try not to buy or get imported Animals or stuffs especially from countries or locations reported to have an outbreak of the virus.
  •  Avoid close contact with people showing symptoms of Coronavirus.
  • Try to report any suspected symptom of the virus to the nearest authorities.

Virus outbreaks are due to happen once in a while, what makes us conquer them is our ability to contain them, and every simple step we take helps us get closer to conquering this one, so be brave, careful, calm and don’t give in to fear.

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