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One of the largest market places for selling in the world today is eBay. Selling on eBay requires giving your customers value for their money, getting a strong feedback rating, and satisfying your customers. Every eBay account has value if well utilized and managed.

Selling on eBay

 eBay helps you to make extra cash, especially when you want to clear our some unwanted items from around the house or even start a business. It is really easy to start selling on eBay. A lot of people are always confused when it comes to eBay and actually selling on eBay, it is really not difficult as we see it. It all circles around providing details on pricing your items, choosing your shopping options, setting up how you will get paid after and more.

eBay Sellers

A lot of people can’t complete a sale with a buyer. For instance, if the item damages and you have fewer items in stock than you thought or the buyer has purchased the item using the wrong shipping address, all you need do is cancel the transaction to avoid further inconveniences.

Always know that creating a listing is the first step in getting your item in front of buyers. The listing enables the buyer to know and have an idea of what you want to sell to them or what they intend buying. Do not also forget that you work charged two main types of selling fees. The first is an insertion fee when you create a listing and a final value fee as soon as your item sells.

Important Tips for New eBay Sellers Selling on eBay

As soon as a buyer purchase one of your items on eBay, how you receive your payment will only be dependent on the payment method you offer and which one the buyer chooses at the point of check out.

As soon as you have signed up for an eBay account, here are steps on how to start selling

  1. Select sell at the top of any eBay page or go to sell your item.
  2. Create a listing for the item you will like to sell.
  3. Confirm your details and add an automatic payment method for any eBay fees.

How to sell successfully on eBay

Note that when you are listing your items, you need to start by describing what you are selling or what you want to sell. You can go ahead to add photos, state the brand and physical details about the items to be sold. You have to choose whether to use an auction price a fixed price format and set a price.

Most importantly selective which shipping options will be available to the buyer, return policy and how you want to get paid. There are rules for sellers and policies on prohibited and restricted items.  What’s allowed and what is not allowed when listing and completing a sale.

If you are a manageable payment seller, you are charged payment processing fees for each transaction. The amount charged depends on the items price, the category and the format that you choose for your listing and any option listing upgrade you add and your seller performance and conduct

Payment Issues With Buyers

This particular issue can come up more often but really there is nothing to worry about. After you have made a sale on your eBay account. It is usually a smooth process to complete the transaction with the said buyer in some cases you find your self in a situation whereby the buyer has not yet paid for the said item that they bought.  As soon as that happens all you need do is to contact your buyer to try and resolve this issue and for them to make sure the item is being paid for.

If you are an occasional seller and have not set up a paid item assistant below is what you can do if a buyer doesn’t pay.

How Selling on eBay Works with Selling on eBay

  • You have to get in touch with the buyer to find out why they have not yet paid, most times it might be that they are not sure of the shipping cost or they do not know how to pay.
  • Try and send the buyer an invoice to remind them that they need to pay. Just check your sold items in my eBay. Select the item, then select more actions and choose to send an invoice. It is as simple as that.

Also, make sure that the buyer receives great service, that should be your top priority.  Your seller level and performance standards help you track your performance and it also lets your buyer shop with confidence.

You can become a top seller when you deliver outstanding customer satisfaction services and also makes you be eligible for the top seller rank.

Things to do to Become a Top Seller

  • You must have an eBay account that has been active for at least 90 days.
  • A minimum of 100 transactions is needed from you.
  • You must meet the requirements for the transaction defects rate.

Getting Paid for Selling on eBay

As soon as an item sells and the buyer pays, you will automatically receive your proceeds. The buyer can pay via PayPal credit or debit card and payment at pick up.

So, in conclusion, do not let does used items to lie around the house; sign up for eBay today and start selling.

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