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Twitter Stock Market – Once upon a time, the word ‘ tweet ‘ was once used by the outside birds, thanks to, the while world is tweeting today; from teenagers to celebrities, even politicians, which is just to give us an idea of the stand of Twitter in today’s social world.

Having crept into our world and becoming a way of life, Twitter stock market is one that is now drawing the attention of investors, as we progress, we shall be discussing Twitter stock market and how to stay updated in the Twitter stock market.

Twitter Stock Market Tips | All You Should Know About Stock Market - Twitter Stock News

What is Stock Market

Before we go into the tips on staying updated with Twitter stock market, let’s take time to discuss what a stock market entails. When a company goes public, it’s open to investors to buy shares in the company.

These shares represent a fraction of that company that you own. The bigger shares you buy in a company, the more influential you become in the company.

When the company does well financially, your value in the company goes up and if the company hits a stumbling block, you are dealt a bigger blow.

Twitter has been a profitable company and has had its ups and downs in the stock market. Honestly speaking, there’s no way to predict how the trend will be in the nearest future, but as investors, risk management is a skill that you should have in your arsenal.

Generally, the value of any investment tend to go up or down depending on the trend, market condition and news.

How To Stay Updated In The Twitter Stock Market

Before getting involved in the stock market, it’s always important to stay updated with the current affairs of the company. Some of the things to look out for include the following:

  1. Company news :  it’s always important to stay updated on the information of the company. It’s always good to keep your ears close to the company’s activities like knowing if the company plans to hire or fire a staff, or make certain changes in the company as activities like these contribute to the share price of the company.
  2. Financial reports : Before you get engaged in buying stocks, it’s pertinent to follow up on the financial reports of the company as it also contribute to the share price of the company. Twitter gives their annual report quarterly every year and on the 31st of December every year.
  3. How often does the company pay dividend : dividends are the money the company pay to its shareholders in form of profit. At the moment, Twitter does not pay dividend on it’s shares.
  4. Shareholder meetings: such meetings are being held everywhere. Its important to know when these meetings are being held as these are the people that decide the fate of the company, which also determines the stock price of the company.

In conclusion, its very important to make your research and findings very well before deciding to buy shares in any organization or company, as the case may be.

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