Ways You Can Make Money Off Your Website: How You Can Earn Some Extra Cash with Your Website

Ways You Can Make Money Off Your Website – Your website should not be limited to just a few pages of showcasing your business or blog. You can actually use your website to generate income. You can create a website majorly for this purpose. All you require is a well-planned strategy and dedication, before you know it your website will start generating money.

Here are various methods to monetize your website.

Ways You Can Make Money Off Your Website

Build traffic

Your website needs visitors, these visitors are the stepping stones to making money off your website. You will have to build consistent traffic to your website, if your website has no visitors, it has no chance of anyone spending money on it.

Ensure that your website is providing something valuable to your targeted audience that’s why it is important to find out your niche market searches for online, and use that to attract an audience. You can use tools like, check website traffic (similar web), the most website stats (Quantcast), best website traffic checker (Ahrefs), website traffic with SEMrush, see basic traffic with Alexa, and site price.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing enables your website to generate income by marketing another company’s products. You will select the product you want to promote via affiliation marketing these products should be in line with your niche.

If you have no idea how to select your affiliate products, the best thing you can do is to join an affiliate network.

Generate leads

As your website gain more traffic you can decide to partner up with several brands in your niche. If your website becomes the go-to website in a specific niche, you will become very attractive to brands looking for exposure.

Leads help businesses reach more customers. When you partner with several brands your website will make money by generating leads. This is comparable to affiliate marketing works, however, generating leads is different, because businesses are not necessarily looking for sales but awareness, and you are helping them widen their reach.


You can share knowledge by being a consultant. Visitors can pass you an hourly rate to engages in the zoom or Skype sessions with you, the knowledge you share will depend on your niche, for instance, if you are an expert in digital entrepreneurship, you could share knowledge with entrepreneurs who wish to grow in that field.


Your subscription model will provide premium content that your visitors can only access via paid subscriptions. Through effective marketing, your subscription model could make your visitors feel like they are part of an exclusive VIP club.

Sell Ad space

To achieve this, your website needs a high conversion rate and traffic. This method will assist you to make money through pay per click or pay per visitor. Advertisers will pay you according to the number of people that click on the ad or visit their site.

Learning how to increase visibility of your website will help his make money off it.

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