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Find a professional book editor – A few months ago at a summit gathering for writers, publishers, and book editors. I met with a fresh writer who had just begun a career in this field.

She started with the complaints of being stuck for a while when writing, and that’s not because she knew nothing to write, but because she felt she wasn’t getting her sentences, grammar, and the rest of them right.

Find a Professional Book Editor

Being at the submit had opened her up to the knowledge that she needs an editor at every point of her writing career.

After hearing me speak at the course of the program, she immediately decided that if she was to find a professional book editor for her writings, then I was the best person to handle her job.

Ever since then I have worked for hand in hand with her and we have made a lot of progress. Writing shouldn’t stress you out when you have the right words, style, tone, and most importantly a professional editor.

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Why You Should Find A Professional Editor

There are many reasons why you need the services of a professional book editor for your writing project. One of my clients had once told me that having me as her editor had made the writing experience a remarkable one for her, due to the way I make every bit of an incoherent set of words in her project comprehensible and credible prose.

That’s very right, but you can only actualize this review when you find a professional editor to handle your projects. Having someone to watch your back while you put up something very creative for your audience and as well earn for your hard work is a sure reason why you have to hire an editor.

Factors to Consider When You Have to Find A Professional Book Editor

A lot of factors are to be considered when you need the services of an editor. First, you have to consider the type of writing project you are handling, is it a draft, an ebook, a marketing material, or a novel.

Next is the validity of the period the project will last, the publication date should also be considered plus the publication requirement and the audience you are writing for.

Editing Services to Expect When You find a Professional Book Editor

Professional editors provide a lot of services to their clients. I for instance provide varieties of editing guides to my clients based on their type of project, their budget, and writing experience. Editing services include:

  • Developmental Editing: this sometimes is more like an initial stage of editing where guides are offered even before the writer begins actual writing. At this stage, the editor helps organize and structure your writing.
  • Manuscript Evaluation: this is detailed around the feedback you get after an editor had gone through your work. With this, you will get an insight into what your next step should look like.
  • Line Editing: it’s a kind of editing that needs an editor to give a line-by-line review of a writing project. Here the editor looks out for the flow of words, tone, style, clarity, and as well makes corrections where needed.
  • Proofreading: this is more like a concluding part of an editing job and usually a hard copy process, whereby the editor makes sure there aren’t any wrongly spelt words, typos etc. in projects like magazines, novels, newspapers, etc. before they are printed out in Mass with no allowance for further corrections.
  • Copy editing: a validation of specific writing style, tone, punctuations, and grammar to suit publication requirements, done by an editor.

It is advisable to find a professional book editor at the first stage of your writing project, in order to present a credible piece to your audience.

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