Top 10 Nursing Schools in UK to Study Nursing – How To Apply

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Top 10 Nursing Schools in UK – Looking to study nursing? Here is a full guide of the top 10 nursing schools in UK, if you want to study there. Most importantly, they offer an affordable globally recognized certification for this study.

All you are expected to do on your part is to check out from these lists, the best for you and apply for the program. Application processes are not difficult, because you could easily access them on the school’s website as soon as they are ready for new intakes.

Top 10 Nursing Schools in UK

Nurses are responsible for providing care to people who are ill, and as well provide a number of tasks such as, checking and treating wounds, administering medications, monitoring vital signs, and many more.

Some nurses most of the time could choose to specialize in a specific area of care mostly associated with mental health patients and children as well. Nursing programs to be studied are likely to include clinical placement alongside further classes such as anatomy, public health, nursing skills,  biosciences, care planning, values and ethics, healthcare management, among other very important subjects.

All these and more can be acquired from any school among the list of the top 10 nursing schools in UK, which we have made available for you.

Careers in Nursing for graduates from the Top 10 Nursing Schools in UK

Starting a career after obtaining a nursing certification from the top most ranked nursing schools in United Kingdom, is not an issue to pounder on. There are a lot of positive assurances that one could take up a job role in places such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Residential/Nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • GP/Private practice
  • Research
  • Nursing agencies
  • Hospices
  • Public health and outreach organizations

Top 10 Nursing Schools in UK

  1. University of Glasgow: this school is a nice place to acquire a nursing certification that is affordable. A major nursing course studied in this institution is Adult Nursing.
  2. Manchester Metropolitan University: this is a high profiled school that offers nursing courses such as Adult Nursing and Mental Health to people who want to study a nursing program.
  3. Oxford Brookes University: you can study courses such as Children Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, and Adult Nursing here. It provides a conducive learn environment for persons who want to acquire this certification and many others too.
  4. Keele University: studying nursing in this institution is remarkable alongside a provision of interesting courses such as Adult Nursing, Learning Disability Nursing, Children Nursing, and Mental Health Nursing.
  5. Coventry University: here courses like Mental Health Nursing, Children Nursing, Adult Nursing, and Learning Disability Nursing are offered. With a wonderful study environment for individuals.
  6. King’s College London: this institution offers amazing opportunities including amicable courses in nursing with affordable certification. They are Adult Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, and Children Nursing.
  7. Queen Margaret University Edinburgh: offers a major course in nursing which is Adult Nursing. It also provides reliable educational systems that are wonderful as well.
  8. University of Manchester: courses like, Children Nursing, Mental Health Nursing and Adult Nursing are offered here, with a conducive learning environment provided.
  9. University of Nottingham: obtaining a nursing certification here is amazing, they offer courses such as Mental Health Nursing, Children Nursing, and Adult Nursing.
  10. University of York: it’s an amazing school for individuals to study nursing. There are selected courses in nursing for students to offer, like Learning Disability Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Children Nursing, and Adult Nursing.

How to Apply in Any of the Top 10 Nursing Schools in UK to Study Nursing

  1. Choose a School: to study nursing in UK needs one to choose from the top ten or any other that offers courses that interest such a person. Basic information such as University ranking, fees, location, entry requirement, and employability for graduates.
  2. Preparation: after a search and a selection of a school are made, the next step is to prepare necessary documents and requirements needed to apply for the program.
  • Submission of UCAS Application: this is an important application that is usually submitted by individuals, both citizens and international students alike to Universities and Colleges Admission Service to gain admission. In order to be successful, it is important to fill out the UCAS form and as well attached every necessary document correctly.

As much as studying in one of the top 10 nursing schools in UK is encouraging, providing necessary requirements and adherence to relative instructions are needed.

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