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Online Book Editor – Do you want to secure a wide fan base and as well generate rapid sales? Interested in capturing the full attention of your readers with your creatively written books?

Then this article is for you. I have compiled amazing tips you’d need to make your book publication a success! It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran author or you’re just starting out on this field and must have completed a full polished novel, or rather have a notepad with few scribbled lines, I am here to help you through it all.

Online Book Editor

Your ability to put words together in a creative and captivating way does not excuse you from looking out for the services of an editor, amazingly the internet has made it easier in a way that you can reach out to an online book editor at any part of the globe.

Just like you went through various developmental stages, such as; human development, career development, business development, educational development, physical and mental development, to get to where, what, and how you are at the moment, your book needs to undergo various stages as well to get to a finish line you’d be proud of too. When you get to the point where you would need an editor for your work, considering an online book editor would be great!

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Services of an Online Book Editor

Like any other book editor you know, an online book editor provides the same services as they do. An advantage to this is the fact that you could have access to people who are professionals and talented in this field from anywhere in the world.

I, for instance, provide top-notch online editing services to my clients from different countries, via Fiverr. Below are the services I provide:

  1. Developmental Editing: this expertise duty is available to persons who are still in the rough stages of their work. I’d input expected structures and organize your project to the level you’re expectant of. My job description is to determine the overall style, tone, and voice that is relevant to the work. Business books for instance require a significant breakdown on topics into digestible chunks that readers can absorb.
  2. Manuscript Evaluation: for book writers at this stage, you would need an editor to go through your project and help guide you through the next step you’re to take. There is a possibility you might go back to a developmental stage if you do not meet up with the requirements your publishers look out for. Some other times only the tone and voice of your project are worked on.
  3. Line Editing: this has to do with a line-by-line review imposed on a writer’s manuscript to check out the flow, tone, and clarity as well as pointing out some problems such as clichés, run-on sentences, and pacing. Grammar and punctuations are not a major focus of this kind of editing, but most editors can’t help it most of the time. I for instance find myself checking out grammar and punctuations errors in a client’s project.
  4. Proofreading: this has to do with pinpointing errors associated with typos, misplaced apostrophes, missing commas, missing bylines, extra spaces, etc before the project goes into print and becomes unchangeable.
  5. Copywriting: here an editor looks out for typos, grammar, punctuation, spelling, unique style, and specific rules associated with the book. Hire an online editor to keep your project in check.

Experience and understanding as an online Book Editor

Over the year’s, I have worked with a lot of clients from more than ten different countries, helping them with book editing services, and for a job well done I keep getting a fantastic review on my Fiverr and as well large referrals from my clients on a regular basis too. You could join my list of clients today and get amazing service from a focused, success-driven online Book Editor.

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