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Find a Book Editor- Gina flipped her laptop open carefully and stared at the last activity she had done, before stepping out for work this morning. She had decided to do something about her passion and as well make some cash out of it.

She was working on an Ebook that gives a detailed account of how to make tasty cakes and pastries. She is creative and fluent with her choice of words, yet she felt deep within her that she needed something more to make her book ready for her audience.

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Zarah’s aspirated talks of “find a book editor! Find a book editor, already!” over the phone after telling her of her project, kept echoing in her head. Zarah was her high school BBF, she had moved to California for a Master’s degree in Computer Science, but she keeps in touch.

They’d discuss for lengthy hours via WhatsApp voice call every day on her way from work. With a soft smile creeping slowly on her face, she picked up her phone to find a book editor online.

You could probably be in a situation like Gina’s where you’d feel there is a need for extra help for your ongoing writing project. If this is the case, then this article is what you shouldn’t miss, it has got all you need to know about how to find a book editor.

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How to Find a Book Editor

Finding a book editor for your writing project is not a big deal, you could find them on a freelancing website. Some editors have an office where they work from, own a blog, or a website where clients could reach out to them for paid guides.

I offer exceptional editing services to individuals who are sourcing for ways they could find a book editor. All you need do is click on this link and tell me exactly what you would want me to do for you. You’ll be amazed at the result.

Services of a Book Editor

A book editor provides a series of peculiar and important services you would love. Below, I have made a list of services you’re likely to receive from a book editor, which is an assurance for me.

  1. Proofreading:

    This has to do with pointing out errors associated with typos, missing commas, misplaced apostrophes, missing bylines, extra spaces, etc. before the project is printed and becomes irreversible.

  2. Manuscript Evaluation:

    If you’re a writer at this stage, you would need a book editor to go through your project and guide you through the next step you’re to take. There is the possibility that you might go back to a developmental stage if you don’t meet up the requirements your publishers look out for. Some other times only the tone and voice of your project are edited.

  3. Developmental Editing:

    This expertise duty is available to persons who are still in the rough stages of their work. If I’m to handle your project at this stage, I’ll input expected structures and organize your project to the level you want it to be. My job description is to determine the overall style, tone, and voice that is relevant to your work. Business books, for instance, need a significant breakdown of topics into digestible chunks that readers can absorb.

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  4. Copywriting:

    Here an editor looks out carefully for errors in typo, grammar, punctuation, spelling, unique style, and specific rules associated with the book. Find a book editor who would have your project checked.

  5. Line Editing:

    This has to do with a line-by-line review done on a writer’s manuscript to check out the flow, tone, and clarity as well as point out some problems such as clichés, run-on sentences, and pacing. Grammar and punctuations are not likely a major focus of this kind of editing, but most editors can’t help it most of the time. I for instance find myself checking out grammar and punctuations errors in a client’s project all the time.

The activities of a book editor are versatile and dependable, alongside expertise services that would make you grateful you had to find a book editor when you did. Just a click and you’ll be right at where you need help from Rita.

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