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Facebook Dating Link – Facebook dating is a new space within Facebook, it is a new feature on Facebook that makes it easier to meet and start new conversations with people who share your likes and interests. Facebook dating link is just a way for you to access the Facebook dating page.

Facebook users use this link if they want to date on the platform. Facebook has come a long way for its dating although to be able to be a part of Facebook dating you must have a Facebook account.  Are you single and looking for a serious relationship, feature is great as it will pair you with other Facebook dating users that match you?

Facebook Dating Link

Facebook dating has a lot of features that will blow your mind not only is Facebook no longer used for just communication but business and marketing purposes but most importantly to find a partner. Apart from these, you are still eligible to do other things on Facebook such as watching videos, advertising your business, and playing games.

As long as you have the Facebook app with your Facebook signed in there is really no difficult thing that needs to be done. Below are the guidelines you need to access your Facebook dating.

  • Enter your profile and click on the heart-shaped icon.
  • Now create a dating profile, you can do this by entering your gender.
  • Confirm your location answer the questions and upload a picture Click on the questions that you want to be displayed on your profile.
  • Answer those questions which will let those matches to you know more about you.
  • Add a photo once you are done, you can select a criterion for a match.

What Is Secret Crush List on Facebook Dating

 Secret crush let’s match with people you already know on Facebook and Instagram. You can select up to nine of your Facebook or Instagram followers to add to a secret crush list. Note that to add Instagram you must connect your Instagram account to your Facebook dating.

Who Can See Your Facebook Dating Profile?

Always have in mind that Facebook, will not share your profile. They are the ones who will protect your identity. You will just need to use a hidden identity. The only people who have opted already can view or see your profile. They are also the ones who can send you notifications.

 The good thing about this is that your current Facebook friends will not have access to your dating profile. However, you can choose if you want to suggest a friend of yours to someone. It can be done by just toggling that kind of feature on or off in the privacy settings to start with


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