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Facebook Dating App Download- A dating feature has been released by Facebook in the Facebook app. Finding a date is what this app is all about. Just like a typical dating site, it matches you up with someone who might eventually become your one true love. The process of Matching with a date by your mutual interests. You will be creating new profiles called a dating profile, different from your default Facebook profile. It is with this profile that potential dates learn more about you, and in return, you know more about your dates via their dating profiles.

Facebook Dating App Download

Facebook, although still developing the app, has designed it to be accurate in its delivery, given the fact that finding a date with whom you might want to end up with is very much personal. Facebook has also designed it to be safe because it could be a risky venture should people with ill intent capitalize on the dating site. For all its users, Facebook ensures privacy is well taken care of, along with security and safety.

For protection, several security measures have been taken and key features have been built into the app such as the ability to block and report a malicious user amongst others. In all, it holds its believe that the app would be ideal and ready for use by the time it is finally released and available for all of its users all over the world. For now, not every country has access to the app yet. Its availability strictly restricts to only a few countries. But in due time, considering its fast-moving pace will become available everywhere for everyone.

How To Download The Facebook Dating App

After getting the app, you’ll choose to join Facebook dating. It’s available for everyone above the age of 18. To download the app, you have to download the main Facebook app, because the dating feature is part of the Facebook app, and it doesn’t have an app of its own. What you have to do is download the latest version of the Facebook app. It’s been built into the app and ready for use if it’s available in your county.

To download the latest version of the Facebook app visit play store for Android users, or Apple store for iPhone users. If after downloading the latest version of the Facebook app and you cannot still find the dating feature, then it simply means the feature is not yet available for your country and you will need to exercise a little patience until its availability.

How The App Works

After successfully joining Facebook dating as described in the previous section, Facebook will send you suggestions and you can now start interacting with others who have also joined, from the suggested users. Suggestions from Facebook based on your interests and your requirements on your dating profile are gotten. You won’t bore out waiting to find a perfect match though, you can simply search for a date and open a dialog with the person if you want to.

Interact by liking or commenting on their profile as a first gesture of showing your interest in the user. And when you get suggestions that doesn’t interest you can also ignore and search for others that may appeal to you. Amongst several interesting features, one in the dating platform is the “secret crush”. How this works is that you add your crush to your secret crush list, and if the other person also adds you to the secret crush list, you both will be matched automatically. In all, as expected from a good dating app, the Facebook dating platform is a helpful medium for one to find true love.

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