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Facebook dating site free is a dating platform developed by Facebook. What’s interesting about this feature is that it is integrated into the main Facebook app itself rather than it being a stand-alone app. However, a new profile has to be created for the dating site. It will be tagged as your dating profile, different from your main Facebook profile if you choose to alter it. How it works is just like a typical dating site. You search for a date and find a dating profile that appeals to you. Then you indicate your interest in the date you’ve found from their profile. Then the Facebook dating feature allows you both to contact each other.

Facebook Dating Site Free

Facebook is always looking for interesting ways to improve this newly created dating site. Another feature that lets you see the dating profile without restraint, of anyone in the same event you attend is under development. In a bid to make this dating platform well above standard, Facebook ensures you match with strangers and mutual friends, rather than the friends you already have. It finds a good match for you by looking at the things you have in common as enlisted in your dating profile.

Facebook Secret Crush Feature

And yet another intriguing feature under development is called the secret crush. The secret crush feature makes you match with people you probably have a crush on. It knows you have a crush on someone if you like the person. And if that same person also likes you in return, it matches you both automatically. After the matching, it sets you both up to contact and meet with each other. Well, you don’t just get matched with random strangers in illogical locations, Facebook uses filters that you have set, based on your location, age, interests, religion, marital status, height, amongst others, to narrow down the search for a date.

Facebook already has an enormous database, connecting billions of users around the world. It has been of great service in reaching out to friends and relatives. Now it is not just doing a great job at that, but also helping users find and meet their true love. This feature has further thrust Facebook worth up by an extra $3 billion. That goes to show how large a project this is for Facebook and the seriousness of effort put into its development. This might end up being a fierce competition for companies already in this industry and might even be their overrun by Facebook.

Creation Of Facebook Dating Site Free

It all started in 2018, at the F8 developer’s conference in May, where it was first announced. Although full disclosure was not given about the Facebook dating site, those in attendance were introduced to it and were told that more information about it would be revealed soon. The Facebook dating site in its very early stages was passed through a series of testing by the attendees of the conference.

Then came its first launching in September 20, 2018, in Colombia. Although still in its testing stage, it was vastly utilized like a finished product, then any necessary improvements would be noted by Facebook and later on implemented. The next launching took place in the same year, in Canada and then Thailand. The Facebook dating site feature might not be available in every country yet, but in due time, given the rapid pace of its development, will become available for every Facebook user.

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