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WhatsApp conversation/chat shortcut you never knew existed – There are several messaging apps, but WhatsApp seems to be the one that everybody likes to use in communicating through chatting with friends and family.

WhatsApp has so many features from chatting to video calling and even making a phone call with the WhatsApp web. In this  WhatsApp conversation/chat shortcut, you never knew existed article I will be discussing the following sub-topics, how to delete a contact in WhatsApp, how to delete a group from WhatsApp, WhatsApp short cut words, how to format your WhatsApp messages, and how to add WhatsApp to your look screen.

How To Delete A Contact In Whatsapp

There are several reasons why you will want to delete a contact in WhatsApp. Here is a step by step procedure on how to delete a contact in WhatsApp: how to delete WhatsApp group as a group admin

  • Access the WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
  • Access the chat app
  • At the right corner of your screen select the message bobble
  • Select the contact you wish to delete
  • Tap on it, to open chat
  • Select the three dot at the upper right corner of the chat.
  • Select view in the address book from the drip down menu
  • Tap on more options
  • Tap delete and confirm to delete
  • Proceed to refresh your contact list on whatsapp

How to delete WhatsApp group as a member

How To Delete Group Chat

To delete group chat follow the step below:

  • In the chats tab, tap and hold the group chat you want delete
  • Tap more options exit group>exit
  • Tap and hold the group chat again then tap delete to delete.
  • Access WhatsApp and select the group you want to delete
  • Tap on the group name at the top of the screen
  • Tap on participant, you will see a popup amongst all the options click to remove a participant from the WhatsApp group
  • After removing all the participant from the group, tap on exit group button you will see a notification displaying mute, cancel, exit option
  • Tap on exit and then proceed to delete group.

Whatsapp Shortcut Words

Here are some WhatsApp shortcut word that makes chatting with friends and family fun:

SWW – Sorry wrong window

SUP – What’s up

TG – That’s great

AAR – At any rate

AEAE – And ever and ever

BBS – Be back soon

EOM – End of message

GBTW – Get back to work

Gonna/Gunna – Going to

IDGI – I don’t get it

NWS – Not work safe

OT – Off-topic

OP – Original poster

PM – Private message

R8 – Right

RT – Retweet

RL – Real life

SD – Sweet dreams

SS – So sorry

SU – Shut up

TY – Thank you

TC – Take care

ASAP – As soon as possible

AKA – Also known as

BTW – By the way

BOT – Back on topic

CTS – Changing the subject

DIY – Do it yourself

F2F – Face to face

FYEO – For your eyes only

G2B – Going to bed

GTG – Got to go

IDC – I don’t care

L8 – Late

LU – Love you

LI – LinkedIn

MT – Modified tweet

M/F – Male/Female

TIA – Thanks in advance

YCM – You copied me

2MORO – Tomorrow

ASIC – As soon as I can

BAU – Business as usual

DIKU – Do I know you

BD – Big deal

BF – Boyfriend, or best friend

BG – Big grin

B/W – Between

CU – See you

AAMOF – As a matter of fact

CUL – See you later

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

LAM – Leave a message

TCO – Taken care of

TYT – Take your time

Fab – Fabulous

ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing

GM – Good morning

GN – Goodnight

CYL – Call you later

HF – Have fun

HU – Hug you

MU – Miss you

NP – No problem

OH – Overheard

O3 – Out of office

IRL – In real life

ITT – In this thread

LDR – Long distance relationship

NVM – Nevermind

Pic – Picture

PPL – People

PLZ – Please

TTYL – Talk to you later

W8 – Wait

YW – You’re welcome

AFK – Away from keyboard

BMT – Before my time

HBU – How about you

LMS – Like my status

LMAO – Laughing my a*s off

MSG – Message

IDK – I do not know

How To Format Your Whatsapp Message

If you wish to add a little emphasis to certain words when charging on WhatsApp here is how to do that on WhatsApp:

  • After typing your WhatsApp message before sending it, long press the word you wish to format
  • For iPhone user type the three dots on the upper right sided the menu of the BIU option on the menu for iPhone users
  • Long press the menu showing the bike option .
  • This will be display the format options for you to choose your desired format options
  • Proceed to send your message

How To Add Whatsapp To Your Lock Screen iPhone/Android


  • Swipe left to right on the home screen
  • Tap on edit from the end
  • Swipe right on iPhone screen and tap edit
  • Tap on the green plus icon next to whatsapp
  • Tap done

You have successfully added widget to the phone lock screen


  • Access your settings and then access lock screen
  • Tap on the custom widget box
  • Swipe till you see the + sign
  • Tap on it then select WhatsApp from your list of apps

You can now access WhatsApp from your lock screen android.

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