Delete Facebook Group – How to Delete My Facebook Group – Permanently Delete a Facebook Group

Delete Facebook Group – The rate of Facebook chat and interaction has massively increased to the extent that people go-ahead to create Facebook groups just so the conversation would continue making it possible for everyone to contribute and air their view.

Facebook groups are simply spaces on the social media network for friends, acquaintances, or people with similar interests to discuss or share about broad or narrow topics. Groups provide an arena for discussion about your products or services and present the opportunity to cultivate brand awareness.

Delete Facebook Group

 In a situation where you have an idea to share with your friends or you have information that you would like to pass. You don’t have to start sending the messages separately to each person’s direct message.

Delete Facebook Group

All you need to do is just to create a group and add people and even ask them to invite friends from their list this way you can pass the message across to a large number of people while saving yourself the stress of sending the message to every single person on your list.

Why Are Facebook Groups Created

Facebook groups are created around areas of interest and are usually not directly tied to a particular business although very popular brands have garnered groups dedicated specifically to their products. Groups are a place where businesses can participate by helping people learn and share ideas about your products and services. The visibility of your activity in Facebook groups can be selected based on the nature of the conversations.

But then you can decide to delete a group when even you have the reasons to. Or maybe you feel the group has achieved its initial goals and the group is no longer in use. Here’s how you can delete a group.

 Steps on How to Delete a Facebook Group on Your Mobile

  • Tap the three line, it’s in either the bottom right corner of the screen (for iPhone) or the top right corner of the screen (android).
  • Taps groups this option is near the middle of the pop out menu.
  • Tap your group name you may have to scroll down to find.
  • Tap info, it’s in the upper right side of the page option. Just below your group cover page
  • Tap members, this option is in the middle of the page.
  • Remove each group member and make sure you do not remove yourself during the process. To do so just tap a member’s name and tap remove.
  • Tap your own name, once you have removed everyone else from the group. You can leave the group to close page.
  • Tap leave it dims the bottom on the drop-down menu.
  • Tap leave group when prompted, this will remove you from the group and delete the group itself. It will take a few seconds for the tour name to disappear from the member’s list, and you may have to wait for a few minutes before the group disappears.

How to Delete Facebook Group on Your Desktop?


  • Go to Facebook’s website by entering into your browser’s URL box. This will load your news feed if you already logged into Facebook. If you are not logged infill in your details to log in.
  • Click your group name, it is usually found near the top of the left-hand column of options in the news feed.
  • Click members. This tab is in the upper left side of the page. Doing so will pull up a list of all people in the group.
  • Remove each group me6from the group. Make sure you don’t remove yourself during the process. To do so click settings to the right of a member’s name, click on remove from the group and then click confirm when prompted.
  • Click the settings icon next to your name. Once everyone except you has been removed from the group, click this gear icon to prompt your own drop-down menu.
  • Click leave group. This will invoke a pop-up window.
  • Click leave and delete it when prompted. That is the blue button in the pop-up window. Doing so immediately removes you from the group and deletes the group itself.

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