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Ibakatv has given Nigeria Nollywood a platform to reach out to a wide range of audiences worldwide. The platform was set up to fill in a gap in the online streaming of Nigeria movie industry.

Watch movies on iBakatv

Ibakatv Login

To access the full benefits of the online streaming platform. You will have to sign up and subscribed. Subscribing gives you access to various Nollywood movies.

  1. Visit the ibakatv website to sign up
  2. Click on the sign-in button
  3. You can sign up with your Facebook account or you can follow the normal sign up with your email and password
  4. You will need to verify your ibakatv account, if you sign up with your mail, doing this,,,,, will verify your account
  5. You can now access ibakatv

You will be asked to subscribe to a particular plan, you can either sub for ibakatv monthly, bi-annually, or annual plans. Each plan has its own cost and it will be displayed for you to make your choice.

Ibakatv Mobile App

You can download the ibakatv mobile app on your mobile device, to access your favorites shows. The app grant you access to login, register, and edit your ibakatv profile any time, anywhere. You can also change your password if think someone else has access to your account.

Ibakatv Youtube

To watch a movie YouTube channel visit  or type Ibakatv on the youtube search bar, you will be redirected to the official YouTube channel of the ibakatv.

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