What Is The Snap Chat Easter Egg Hunt? And How to Participate

Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2021 –  Snapchat Easter egg hunt is very much comparable to the game of pokèmon GO, the game allows users to move around the snapchat map and collect Easter eggs. Last year March was the beginning of the lockdown for many countries, many snap chatters were worried, whether the outdoor activities will proceed as people are trying to stay safe and take safety precautions.

Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt

Fortunately, the picture and video messaging app continued with the Easter egg hunt virtually instead, to ensure physical distancing.

What Is The SnapChat Easter Egg Hunt?

One snapchat Easter egg equal to one point while, the golden egg is equal to five points. Snap chat users hunt for eggs in real life and collect many point as possible.

As previously mentioned, snap chat moved the game so that users will no longer had to physically go to the location, they just have to access the Easter egg hunt on the snapchat map for the purpose of safety

 Users willingly to participate in the Snapchat Easter egg hunt can contend with their friends, and can check a global leaderboard, to see who is in the lead with the most points.

How To Participate In The Snapchat Egg Hunt Virtually

  • Open the snapchat mobile app on your device
  • Swipe down the camera to enable you to access the snap map
  • Search for as many eggs as you can find and tap on it
  • After tapping on it, the egg will open camera and you will see a big egg can be seen wrapped in a ribbon
  • Tap on any egg you see and add it to your baskets

Will There Be An Easter Egg Hunt In 2021

It’s three days until Easter weekend (Sunday 4th April), and the video and picture sharing platform is yet to release any official statement concerning the event. The company disclosed last year’s notice on the 31st day of March. The Easter egg hunt will likely begin the same procedure as last year.

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