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Many businesses and brands have seen past the traditional means of reaching out to customers and are now employing one the most productive ways to expose their brand and reach out to even more customers – social media marketing. Twitter, being one of the most used social media platforms today, makes it a hot spot for business owners to advertise their company and reach out to target customers by employing some tactics known as Twitter marketing tools.

Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter is a very good place to get your product out to thousands. You may need to adopt some twitter marketing tools on the internet if you want to generate more leads, reach out to more customers and improve your twitter marketing strategy. To achieve this, it takes more than constructing a few tweets, retweeting and replying tweets to grow your brand on Twitter, as we shall be seeing some of these tools and they work later in this article.

Twitter Business Tools

There are a plethora of Twitter marketing tools out there, and not all of them work the same way, while some will help you get your content in from of potential customers in your niche, others, some help you to manage your Twitter account, but they all end up making the job easier and better for us. Let’s get started with some of the best Twitter marketing tools around, shall we?

Top Twitter Marketing Tools for 2019

  • Sendible

This is an all-social media manager. This tool help users manage various social media accounts, Twitter, of course, is included. With this tool, constructing tweets, answering direct messages from customers and monitoring mentions are made easy with little to no stress involved. One important feature of this tool is that it allows users to schedule posts ahead of time by constructing a post and modifying it to suit the desired platform.

  • Awario

This marketing tool plays an important role in Twitter marketing as it focuses mainly on social monitoring and social listing. This tool is particularly useful in helping users spot potential leads by notifying you on tweets that require the recommendation of a product or a service that has similar features as yours.

  • Agorapulse

This is another all-round marketing tool that manage accounts of five social media platforms, Twitter included. This tool comes with an automated feature that allows users to organize messages and assign these messages to certain members of the company, based on the topic. It’s also possible to queue up posts and post them at a later time using this feature.


 This marketing tool is basically focused on engagement with your customer base. This tool help users manage their mentions more efficiently and provide them with access to the information concerning their relationship with individual subscribers. It also allows for scheduling of posts and viewing of analytics.

  • TweetDeck

This is an inbuilt Twitter marketing tool that can be accessed directly from your Twitter account by navigating to The tool is extended from the Twitter dashboard and allow users to manage their account and other accounts more effectively.

These tools come with different prices, depending on the complexity of the tool, except for the last one listed which comes for free. These tools contribute to the overall growth and efficiency of business uses overtime on Twitter.

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