Opera Mini Becomes the First Browser to Introduce Offline File Sharing

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Opera Mini Becomes the First Browser to Introduce Offline File Sharing  –  Hundreds of millions of Opera Mini users can now transfer images, videos, and audio files between nearby devices at super-high speeds, without being limited by slow mobile networks or using their mobile data.  

With the new, fast, and secure offline file sharing feature in Opera Mini, there is no longer any need to download a dedicated file sharing app.


Opera Mini Becomes the First Browser to Introduce Offline File Sharing

The native file sharing feature in Opera Mini can transfer files at Wi-Fi speed which is up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth.  

How Offline File Sharing Works  

Offline file sharing and its accelerated file transfer speed are made possible through a direct Wi-Fi connection which Opera Mini establishes seamlessly with nearby devices.  

This means that Opera Mini creates a temporary private network which provides a fast and secure transfer of files between devices.  

To start sending or receiving files, go to File Sharing in the menu and choose to Send or Receive. Opera Mini will display a QR code for the nearby device to scan, connecting the devices.  

Once a file is successfully transferred, the sender will be notified and the receiver will be able to access the file in the Received tab shown in Opera Mini.  

Downloads Ready to be Shared  

Opera Mini features a unique download manager located in the browser menu. The download manager helps users identify their downloads from various websites, and accelerates the download speed.  

The new offline file sharing feature provides Opera Mini users with a unique combination of faster browsing, faster downloads, and faster sharing.  

Opera Mini – The World Leader in Data Savings  

With its small size, unique features, and data saving capabilities, Opera Mini is the popular browser of choice for more than one hundred million people.  

Its data compression is capable of reducing the amount of data used when browsing to as little as 10% of its original amount. This means faster browsing when on slow networks and fewer data consumed than with any other browser. 

The latest data compression test presented by Opera, in the State of Mobile Web 2019, revealed that the extreme mode of the data compression technology in Opera Mini is capable of saving up to 90% of mobile data. 

These results mean that people are able to browse up to nine times longer on the same data package with Opera Mini compared to other browsers with no data compression. 

The new file-sharing feature in Opera Mini is a great complement to the already popular data compression mode in the browser. 

People who need to share files are now able to save even more by sharing them offline without any data costs. This means they spend even less of their data package and are able to save more money. 

Opera keeps improving your online experience 

With the new offline file sharing feature, Opera is continuing to improve your experience on the web by adding new creative features to its mobile browsers. 

The Opera Mini browser today comes with features like ad-blocker, night-mode and an intelligent newsreader, all of which are provided in a small download of less than 10mb. 

Through new features, Opera Mini provides people with faster and safer navigation on the web, major data savings, and access to both online and offline content

The addition of offline file sharing to Opera Mini is part of Opera’s strategy to create tailored mobile products that adapt to the real needs of people across different markets. 

About Opera 

Opera is a global web innovator. Opera’s browsers, news products, and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of more than 350 million people worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). 

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