How to Dominate Search Ranking Through WordPress SEO – 5 Practical Ways

How to Dominate Search Ranking Through WordPress SEO  – You need to be competitive and ensure you do the necessary things that will let you stay on top. If your website is built in WordPress, then you are one of the lucky people who can have it the easy way! 

As the years go by, the competition in digital marketing is getting tighter. More and more businesses are realizing how beneficial digital marketing is. This would only mean more competition for your website. And, you cannot just let that pass you by! 

How to Dominate Search Ranking Through WordPress SEO

WordPress is a very SEO-friendly platform that can be beneficial especially to those that are still starting out and are still discovering what SEO is really like. 

This article is geared toward guiding beginners and intermediate level marketers. We have gathered an extensive list of practices, ways, and methods that you can use and implement to dominate the search engine results page. How to Dominate Search Ranking Through WordPress SEO:

1 – The Perfect Keywords 

No matter how much SEO and digital marketing changes, one thing will still remain. SEO will always be about the right keywords. 

Keywords are a key pillar of search engines. People will always use keywords when they search for something they are looking for. 

This is why before all the technical aspects of WordPress SEO; you have to make sure you already figured out which keywords you want to be visible for. 

Remember, it is important to be as specific as possible with some of your keywords because when a searcher uses a specific search term, this means that they are ready to buy. 

2 – The Perfect Keyword Placement 

Now that you have figured out which keywords you want to use, it is now time to learn when and how to use them properly. 

Overusing the keywords is never a good practice. You may think that the more you use your keywords, the better. But SEO today is not about the quantity anymore, it is more about the relevance of your keywords. 

So, ultimately, it is important that you figure out where to place your keywords in your content and in your entire site. 

Generally, your content should make up at least 1-2% of your main content or at least two times. It would be better to put them near the beginning and the end part of the content. 

Additionally, you want to make sure you are using your keywords in the title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags. These are things that can be easily found in WordPress. 

3 – Mobile-Responsiveness 

Depending on the theme that you choose to use in WordPress, creating a mobile version of your website can be easy or it can get very complicated. 

But you just have to be ready with it because Google and other search engines are changing their algorithms to prioritize ranking the mobile versions of websites. 

This is primarily because of the increasing use of mobile devices to access the Internet. Google only wants to provide the best user experience to its users and in line with that, they will only display those websites that provide better user experience by creating a website that displays perfectly on mobile devices. 

So, while you are doing your on-page SEO tasks, it would be wise if you could start working on the mobile visibility of your website too. 

4 – Structured Data 

This may not be that applicable to those that are just starting out because there is not that much data to be structured. But remember, your website will start growing and you will be publishing a lot more content in the future. 

If you are in the industry where you need to publish news, recipes, or products, then you really need to be working on the structure of your data. Luckily, WordPress makes it super easy to do this with its built-in categories and tags. 

When you publish new content, you can set the appropriate categories and tags for the page right at the side of the “Add New” page. 

This means that as you create your content, you do not have to go away from the Edit page to set your categories and tags. It will automatically update the sitemap. 

Aside from SEO, having a structured way of organizing your data is also helpful to your audience. It provides an easier way to navigate on your website without having to click on a lot of links and buttons. 

5 – Content 

Lastly, the most important thing you always need to think about when it comes to WordPress SEO is the content. At its heart, WordPress is really a content management system. It is built to manage your content easily. 

And, considering how SEO right now is about content, it is just right that you utilize WordPress for this function. Apart from WordPress’s ability to organize your content, you can also install additional plugins to help you create new and refreshing content to keep your audience engaged with your website. 

Although things in digital marketing have drastically changed, SEO will still stay. So, continue to educate yourself and stay updated with the new trends in WordPress SEO so you do not get left behind. 

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