Best Torrent Clients for 2020 – 6 Top Torrent Clients for 2020

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Best Torrent Clients for 2020  – Torrent Clients are simply incredible because they provide a great user experience for downloading very large files by speeding up download 

A free torrent acts as a game-changer as it makes downloading faster and safer and sounder. Torrenting is perfect for downloading huge files like a video or software. 

Best Torrent Clients for 2020

Traditionally, downloading files from the host server directly is a very slow process for users as many other users were trying to download the same file. 

With a torrent client, you can download those chunks of files you want from different peers on the peer to peer network. 


Torrent Clients are special software programs that are required to download files. This software needs a link to the torrent file that you want to download. 

There are many types of Torrent Sites available on the internet but you cannot count on all of these as only some of them are trustworthy. 

You must be very cautious and always use VPN and anti-malware with the torrent to protect your privacy and freedom as viruses and unhealthy contents are available on the web. 


Torrents have an awful status due to piracy issues, but they are not illegitimate in themselves. They have many genuine uses that include downloading and accessing open-source software and material that is in the public realm 

While downloading files from torrents, you must have permission from the copyright holder. 

The only way to keep you secure and unidentified when using Torrent Clients is to employ a VPN. With the use of a VPN, no one can spot what you are reading or downloading. Even the ISP or the VPN service remains anonymous.  


You cannot rely on all torrents, but there are a few reliable Torrent Clients. They can either be free or paid. 

Here, we give you a list of the best torrent clients which you can use for downloading torrents in 2020: 


qbittorrent is a very popular torrent software. It supports Mac, Linux, and Windows. 

It is fully free and does not have annoying ads that you get on most torrent clients. The user interface is obsolete but it will still work. 


uTorrent was and is still one of the best torrent clients because of its best features. 

But recently, this software has become a bit heavy because of the advertisements being showed. 

Though we all know that ads are needed to support the software, there other torrent clients that at least offer more interesting features. 

It is versatile with support for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. 


Deluge is finest open source torrent software with a minimalistic user interface. 

The simplicity of the design also leads to the overall functionality of this torrent. It is a lightweight torrent client and does not control your memory. 

Deluge is attuned with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also one of the most perfect torrent clients for users that do not want to spot annoying advertisements every time. Users can enjoy the basic torrent software elements like prioritizing and scheduling downloads. 


Transmission is a cool torrent client for Apple users. It was originally developed for Mac operating system, but since then it has been presented for Windows as well.  

There are no ads and they certainly don’t bundle any third-party toolbars and software as it is open-source software. 

You are recommended to use Transmission VPN and torrent safely. It is also a light-weighted torrent client and does not consume much power. It offers many features like web seed support, individual torrent speed throttling and many more. 


Beatport is a cloud-based torrent downloader that supports popular media devices like Apple TV and Chromecast. It offers 1 GB of storage space with a limited-time trial in which you can try out their service. 

The swanky features are not available on the trial version. You can download just one torrent per day over an unencrypted connection. You have to negotiate on the downloading speed until and unless you purchase their subscription. 

The low-cost monthly plan starts at just 5$ and you get 30 GB of cloud storage space with unlimited downloading and all the files are downloaded through Bitports secure servers at a high-speed. 


Boxopus is an online cloud-based torrent client just like They do not offer a free trial but you can try its service for $1.49 for a week.  

It is far better than as it enables you to save torrents on to Google and box drive, in case you do not have a lot of storage.  

Boxopus is compatible with multiple devices like an Android application. Thus, you are not forced to use it on desktop computers. 

Thus, these are some of the best and reliable torrent clients for 2020 that you can use for downloading large files promptly with secrecy. 

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