Moneygram Tracking | How To Track Moneygram Transfer Online Via Phone call, Submitting A Claim Card or Support

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Moneygram Tracking – MoneyGram is a stress-less way to sending money between two parties. You can receive or send money via MoneyGram in person via account transfers, via agents at locations around the world, standard mail, and through online portals. Keeping track of the money order from the receiver and/or send end is an important task for peace of mind and security.

Moneygram Tracking

How To do Moneygram Tracking Online

  • If you have an account with MoneyGram, open up your browser and go to the login page on the MoneyGram website.
  • Locate the transaction history for your account and check the order you submitted. You should be able to know the status of the send-order.

How To Track Moneygram Transfer Via Track A Transfer

You should have the reference number and/or authorization on the physical money order stub which is handy for this.

  • You will get this reference number from your submission confirmation/receipt.
  • If you’re making use of a physical money order form, you should be able to locate the 11-digit reference number. This number is usually found on the edge of the detachable stub receipt.
  • Fill out your last name, then click on “Track Transfer.”

How To Track Moneygram Transfer Via A Phone Call

Below are the steps to carry out Moneygram Tracking via Phone call :

  • At the moment the toll-free phone number is Moneygram Contact Page
  • You will need to type in the dollar amount sent you’re your money order reference number.
  • You may want to allow for some time to pass for your recipient to cash the money order. If it is a company, you want to allow 2-3 weeks to pass. If more than 3 weeks have elapsed, then you can submit a claim card.

How Do Moneygram Tracking Via Submitting A Claim Card

For a lost mailed money, you’ll need a claim form from the MoneyGram site.

  • Navigate to their website, download and print the claim form. Enter all the necessary details in form completely. Pay a close special attention to the reference number you retained from the submission receipt/stub.
  • A $15.00 processing fee will be required of you, which should be paid to: “MoneyGram International”
  • Attach copies of the purchaser’s receipt (submission stub), dollar amount sent and the money order number from the submission.
  • If it happens that the money order was cashed then a photocopy of it will be given or sent to you.
  • If the money order was not cashed out then the amount will be given back to you as a check.
  • If you’re a purchaser not having the reference numbers on your money order then you will be required to fill out the “Number Search form.”

How Do Moneygram Tracking Via Customer Support

If the aforementioned methods for Moneygram tracking get to fail, then it’s time you make a more direct contact with MoneyGram’s customer service system.

  • Try a local agent at the MoneyGram location you used in submitting the physical money order. If they’re not agents in direct contact with MoneyGram, then you will need to use the other customer support channels.
  • Call the toll-free number. At the time of writing, this number is: 1-800-Moneygram. Spanish speakers should call their own line on the Contact page.
  • You can use the online contact form. You will need to fill out your personal contact info for this, although, the order info is not required in the transaction section, it will help the customer agent to help you if you submit it along with your request/comment.
  • Next, you can make use of the money order support forms. If an agent asks you to send supporting documents, you’ll need to use the online secure file transfer link.

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