Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages APK 225.0.0119

Enjoy the Facebook lighter and data-saving messaging app. Download the messenger lite app for free on your android device.

You can use messenger lite if you need to save data and power on your android device, this messenger lite version is used for conservative purposes.

Messenger Lite

Benefits and Difference Between version

Few reasons why you should download the messenger lite. Benefits of Facebook messenger lite version over the original.

  • The messenger lite app download way faster (10MB) than the original Facebook messenger
  • Save mobile data with the Facebook messenger lite app
  • Run every action on the Facebook messenger lite app with no issues
  • The Facebook messenger lite occupies little space on your android device
  • No matter your location or the speed of your internet data connection the app can still run smoothly

Features of the Facebook messenger app

Here are the features that accompany the Facebook messenger lite version

  • Connect with friends from your Facebook
  • You can still view whenever your friends are online and active
  • Chat with friends and family
  • Send photos and GIFs
  • Send voice notes and video call friends

Download the Facebook messenger lite app version for free on your mobile device to enjoy all the amazing benefits that accompany the messenger lite version.

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