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Image to Text Converter. You can convert image to text, by simply uploading the image you want to convert to OCR and extract text from the image with just a click. To gain 100% accuracy in defecting words, image to text converter requires your handwritten document to be clear, and if the hard copy is in a bad shape, the accuracy will be reduced.

To convert image to text has become easy with the help of Optical character recognition (OCR) unlike typing or writing manually, Image to text converter is the best solution because it’s doesn’t require so much effort, you can turn multiply photos into text in a matter of seconds.

Image to Text Converter

What is OCR software

Optical character recognition software converts handwriting or pictures into text, OCR can be productive for students, researchers and office workers. OCR software examines documents and correlates them with stored fonts in their database and by noting features typical to characters.

Some OCR software put it through a spell checker to guessed unrecognized words. 100% accuracy is not assured but a close approximation is what most software thrive for.

Best OCR Apps to convert images into text

Best OCR software apps image to text converter for free


Photoscan is ad-supported but that doesn’t affect the capability of the app, photoscan is an OCR scanner and QR code reader rolled into one, point the app to an image or file printout you can use your PC’s webcam to give it an image to look at.

Photo scan is a free windows 10 OCR app you can download from the Microsoft Store, the app was created by define studios.


Capture2text utilizes Google’s OCR engine and supports over 100 thousand languages. It uses Google translate to convert captured text to other languages. Capture2text is a free OCT software for windows 10, the app gives you a keyboard shortcut to quickly OCR anything on the screen and it does not require installation.

Easy Screen OCR

Easy Screen OCR isn’t free but it is convenient and fast, the software works from the system tray or taskbar. You can use it freely for 20 times without any subscription, right-click on the easy screen OCR icon and select capture from the menu, take a screenshot of any image, website, video, document, or anything else on-screen by dragging the mouse cursor.

Easy screen OCR then displays a dialog with three tabs. The screenshot tab gives you a preview of the captured text, click the OCR button to read the text from the image. The text optically converted text can now be copied from the text tab of the dialog.

Simple OCR

Simple OCR offers handwriting recognition only as a 14 days free trail.

The software looks outdated as it hasn’t been updated since version 3.1, but you can still try it out for its simplicity.

  • Set it up to read to directly from a scanner
  • SimpleOCR offers control over the conversion through text selection, image selection and text ignore features.
  • The converted file can be saved to Doc or TXT format
  • Conversion to text takes the process into a validation

How OCR online works to convert image to text?

The online image-to-text converter doesn’t require so many efforts like taking the processing speed of your processor or fixing the resolutions before uploading. You can just copy text from images by just uploading the photo to the online OCR scanner.

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