Facebook Apk 323.0.046.119: Download the latest version of Facebook for free

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Facebook Apk 323.0.046.119 – Download the latest version of Facebook for free on an android device.

Thanks to social media platforms we can now connect and share ideas with family and friends from the comfort of our home.

Facebook Apk 323.0.046.119

What is Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that allows you to connect and chat with people all around the world. Facebook was launched in 2004 for Harvard students to have a database, but currently, the Facebook platform has grown into something that everyone needs for daily communication.  Facebook has acquired other social media giants like Instagram and WhatsApp.

Today everybody has a Facebook account for either personal or business purposes. Thanks to Facebook you can connect with family and friends. You can do more than just connect with the Facebook app, you can receive notifications, create a page, interact with a post, play games, upload videos, and photos, get an insight into your favorite to celebrate a typical day, and sell on Facebook marketplace.

Facebook features

Connect with people: Facebook provides an opportunity for people to connect. Wherever you maybe you can add your friends on Facebook, you can also search for people on Facebook pages, groups, events, and more. Facebook also recommends people based on your friend list.

Newsfeed: Facebook provides you with news based on your friend’s posts, posts, and groups. You can repost news on your feed, reach, comment, and share as well, you will also receive a notification when people like your post.

Marketplace: Facebook marketplace allows you to sell and buy products effortlessly. You can post products images, prices, and description for potential buyers

Create pages and follow: you can create pages for any topic either for personal or business purposes on the Facebook app, you can also follow other pages that interest you on the Facebook app.

Play games: you can play games on Facebook from its extensive collection of unique games.

Upload photos and videos: this is one of the most used features on Facebook, you upload unlimited photo and videos on the Facebook app, you can also create albums to organize your photos. Facebook allow you to tag your friends and family in a photo.

Facebook is dating: Facebook has recently launched a new way for people to link up, just like tinder.

Facebook allow you to connect with friends and family from anywhere in the world.

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