Job Opportunities For Immigrants – Work in Canada 2022

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Job Opportunities For Immigrants – Work in Canada 2022 – Do you know a number of 226,203 people have immigrated to Canada between 2020 to 2021?

If you had missed opportunities or probably had been ignorant of this in the past year, leverage on the growing chances that are already popping up this year.

Jobs that are in high demand are available in Canada, with so many employers looking out for foreign immigrants to become a part of their workforce.

Job Opportunities For Immigrants

Get hold of opportunities that are presenting themselves already, who knows, Your dream come true could probably be a click away.

Living and working in Canada will require research about jobs in demand there. At this point, you must not worry about this, because, we have compiled a list stating the top Canadian jobs for immigrants in 2022, and have made it handy for you.

Job Opportunities For Immigrants Work in Canada 2022 – Five top highly demanded Jobs for Immigrants in Canada

1. Customer service representatives

Today, a lot of businesses are facing an increasing need for customer service representatives. If you enjoy socializing and interacting with people, possibly this position is for you.

Face-to-face interaction, telephone calls, social media, and email conversations between organizations and their clients, have made customer service a sought-after job.

Are you wondering how much your services are worth? Well in Canada, an average customer service representative earns between  $26,843 and $42,500 per annum depending on the personnel’s experience and ability to deliver an expected result.

Again, there are provinces where customer service jobs are in demand. This in particular is very important when making plans to work and live in Canada.

Provinces in  Canada where customer service representatives are mostly sought for:

  • British Columbia
  • Nova Scotia
  • Quebec
  • Alberta
  • Ontario

2. Registered nurse

Healthcare providers play a big role in keeping everyone safe however making their service highly demanded. For instance, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the services of doctors and nurses were sought after as the situation was critical and needed earnest attention.

On average, majority of nurses in Canada earn an annual salary of $71,867. Entry-level positions has a start-up pay of about $57,304, while experienced nurses earn up to $83,168 per annum.

Three Canadian provinces where nurses are mostly in demand:

  • Nova Scotia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick

3. Receptionists

Receptionists are charged with the responsibility of being the face of an organization or agency. They are expected to portray a good impression, either on the phone or in person.

This role requires one to be able to communicate in a professional manner and as well be able to multitask. The annual salary for this profession is $35,304.

4. Electrical Engineer

Canada has six nuclear power stations with the largest being Bruce Nuclear. These power stations holds up to almost 6,430 megawatts, which makes it evident that Canada is in great need of electrical engineers to help design, construct, analyze and as well test electrical systems with different components to verify that all operations are safe and reliable for Canadians. This occupation receives an average of $91,832 per annum.

5. Chef

There is a niche in the market for chefs as well as a need for persons who specializes in foreign dishes. A good meal is required for healthy living.

Large numbers of tourists explore Canada every day, which makes the need for a chef very important in many hotels, guests houses, and restaurants. Chefs are paid around $40,088 per annum.

Canadian Work Permit you should get

After making a decision of working and living in Canada, you’re to proceed to applying for a Canadian work permit. There are varieties of work permits you can apply for through the programs initiated for this purpose.

Which are of two types, namely the employer-specific work permit and the open work permit.

  1. The Employer-Specific Work Permit: this carries the name of your  Canadian employer, which means you’re only permitted to work for just that employer. There are also certain streams that will be processed under this work permit but that depends on your job offer.
  2. The Open Work Permit: this permits you to work for any employer you wish to work for. Work permit programs such as the International Experience Canada (working holiday visa) and the International Mobility programs operate under the Open Work Permit.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and the Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP) will allow you gain permanent residency in Canada if your application is successful.

Job Opportunities For Immigrants FAQs

  1. . How can I appeal for a work permit refusal?

Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, states that there is no formal right of appeal on temporary resident decisions. But you can reapply if situations such as this occur.

If you experience a residence application being denied, you can reapply again at any time, this can only be hindered if your decision letter says you cannot reapply.

You can only reapply if you are able to include information that you did not state before.

2.    If I have a student permit and drop out while studying, will that affect my chances of qualifying for a work permit in the long term?

If you stop your studies while on a study permit, it means you are not fulfilling the conditions stated in your visa which means you’re likely to be deported.

  1. . How can I Check my Canada Work Permit Status?

Login into your online account created on the Canadian government website

Scroll to “profiles” or “view my submitted applications”

Click on “Check status and messages”

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