Study Without IELTS In Canada 2022 | Top Universities that Do not Require IELTS

Study Without IELTS In Canada – IELTS is an international language test that tests student’s English speaking skills for a scholarship or normal abroad study. There are many fully-funded Scholarships in Canada but so many students don’t apply because IELTS is a bit expensive.

IELTS is an important document to take admission in scholarships given abroad in countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Netherlands, and more. But with IELTS being mostly required, there are several Universities that do not require IELTS in some countries. In this article, we will discuss the few Universities that do not require IELTS to study.

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Canada has the worldwide quality of education due to Justin Trudeau’s education policy for international students. Canada has over 97 Universities offering over 5000 courses. Citizens of any country can apply to any of the given Universities.

With the fact that Canadian universities found that students who have completed their degrees from a recognized educational institution in the English Language often show good communication skills, Reading skills, and Writing skills, the IELTS requirement has been lifted, they have to only provide some specific document to get admission to the University of Canada.

Study Without IELTS In Canada Details

Country: Canada

Education Sponsors: Canadian Government

Degree Level: MS Degree Program, Diploma, Post-secondary or Post-graduate, Certificate, Master’s degree at college, Technical or Vocational school.

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List of Canadian Top Universities that Do not Require IELTS

IELTS non-required scores are for the students that are either native English speakers or, students hailing from non-English countries and must have received a degree in the English Language.

Besides, students who have completed either an O-Level or A-Level examination do not need IELTS. Individual universities in Canada have set their own English Language Test to prove the ability of students. Below are the List of Canadian Universities that Study Without IELTS In Canada:

  1. University of Saskatchewan: This University offers Merit-based excellent scholarships to study in Canada, for undergraduate International Students at the university Saskatchewan and it does not require IELTS.
  2. Concordia University: Concordia University offers various scholarships for international students to study in Canada at Concordia University in Montreal, open to international students at the undergraduate level.
  3. University of Winnipeg: The IELTS test is not required for getting admission into the University of Winnipeg. All you need to do for admission is to submit an Only English Proficiency Certificate which will serve as a replacement for IELTS.
  4. Brock University: In this University, the IELTS test is not compulsory,  though it can give you a good scholarship discount, however you don’t need to sit for an IELTS test.
  5. University of Regina: If you are an English taught higher secondary school degree, then you are free to submit the IELTS. However, you will have to check the University Portal to know whether your degree or university is exempted from the list or not.
  6. Carleton University: All you have to do is offer your official transcript of High School, college, and University degree to prove that your English is quite proficient.
  7. Memorial University: You will need to attend an intensive English program at the St. Johns Campus or Grenfell Campus wings of the memorial university.

Some of the schools will permit conditional admission such as you might have extra language courses while studying.

Before the pandemic, IELTS was a compulsory requirement for international students, but due to the pandemic, the IELTS centers are closed which is why universities are accepting the alternatives to IELTS.

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