How To Use Twitter for Marketing | Twitter Marketing Strategies and Tips to Try Now

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In our current age, the use of social media for marketing is gradually becoming a norm, there are many social media platforms available for marketing today, Twitter for one still remains one of the centers of attraction when it comes to business and marketing. As we progress in today’s article, we shall be discussing what Twitter marketing is all about and how to use Twitter for marketing to help you achieve your desired objective.

Twitter marketing is a form of social media marketing that involves the use of Twitter to reach out to users and followers on Twitter to expand your business to a wider reach. Twitter plays a major role in marketing, considering the fact that it’s more of a powerhouse of information than a regular social media platform, which makes it a convenient platform to grow your business and meet the desired customers and targets. In the next section, we shall be addressing five major aspects to look out for.

Twitter Marketing | How to use Twitter for Marketing

With that being  said about Twitter marketing, Let’s now get down to various ways to use Twitter to get the best of marketing :

  1. Choose an appropriate username for your brand

Your business name should bear your Twitter handle account, or at least, a variation of it. Twitter allocates up to 15 characters to create a username.

  • Make your profile brand-centric

Your profile should tell everything about your business in just a simple glance. It’s always important to use a bio, avatar, and description that best fits your business.

  • Pay attention to details

It’s always good to listen first, then tweet later, as this is an important etiquette. Tools like Sprout Social or Hoot Suite are important in helping you look for tweets that include your company’s name or services. It’s also very important to follow your competitors to see their tweets and updates.

  • Tweet, interact and respond to tweets

A good way to start is by keeping your tweets to one per day, this tweet should be constrictive, contain the necessary information and hashtags to enable your tweets to go far. It’s also very important to interact and respond to tweets as soon as you see them; either positive or negative, you may like, appreciate and retweet positive messages and respond to negative comments or critics in a respectful and professional manner to prevent unnecessary controversies.

  • Create Twitter lists

Twitter lists are also very helpful in prioritizing your activities on Twitter. Twitter lists allow you to make an organized list of what is relevant to your business and keep you updated with what is relevant in your line of business, it also helps you keep in touch with your loyal customers or major influencers in your company.

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