Advertising on Twitter | Really Good Reasons to Use Twitter Ads

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Twitter is an online media for interaction and communication. It is much than an online media it’s a platform for users to follow interesting people or celebrities, most celebrities are always been followed on Twitter by their fans. Twitter serves as a way of maintaining communication and connection with others without necessarily knowing them in person. Advertising on Twitter is one of the major advantages users enjoy by using twitter.

Advertising on Twitter

Most twitter users use twitter for business purposes. Advertising on Twitter is one of the major ways you can make your twitter account productive and useful. You can use your twitter account as an online means of advertising your products to the people who are following you. Advertising on twitter serves as a way of increasing or generating income and making more sales for users.

Signing into Twitter advertising

There are procedures to be aware by users of twitter who one to advertise on twitter. Whoever wants to advertise on twitter has to follow some basic steps and procedures in order for them to be able to advertise their products on Twitter. Below are some basic steps;

  • Click the start activation button in your email
  • You will be redirected to a login screen to sign in with your current twitter handle and password
  • You will be shown the welcome to twitter advertising page after login in
  • Then you will be given the types of advertising options available.

Following the above steps would enable you to use Twitter as a means of advertisement. Without following it, you might not be able to advertise your products on Twitter.

Types of Twitter Advertising Options

There are various options available for users who want to advertise on twitter. Advertising on Twitter involves the use of twitter advertising options. Using one of the options will enable you to advertise your products. Below are some of the Twitter advertising options.

Promoted Account

It allows you to promote your account and gives your business twitter profile more exposure and it will also help you build followers that will be interested in your business.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets allow you to check a particular status update and get more exposure to it. It gives your business status updates more enlightenment on your profile.promoted tweets are great for;

  • Building awareness
  • Building a brand voice
  • Offering deals
  • Sharing contents

Promoted Trends

They are just topics and hashtags that have moved to the top of the trending topics lists. You can see them when you visit your twitter homepage and look under the trend section. Promoted trends are great for

  • Building mass awareness for events
  • Brand building by association
  • Building mass awareness for products.

The above twitter advertising options provide a more efficient way and a better way for Twitter users to advertise their products.

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