How To Take Apple Tv Screenshot With Mac: Easy Steps

How To Take Apple Tv Screenshot With Mac – Taking screenshots can be done using a Mac and this article is going to show you how it’s done.

Apple TV being a great streaming device isn’t so perfect in screenshots. Till Apple TV Gets an upgraded feature to tvOS, you need to stick to using a Mac to take apple TV Screenshots.

How To Take Apple TV Screenshots Using Your Mac

  With great data connectivity, follow the steps below to know how best screenshots could be taken using Your Mac.

How To Take Apple Tv Screenshot With Mac
  • Click CmD +Space and type Quick Time.
  • After that, click on File then New Recording (with that done, your webcam will fire up letting you see yourself on screen).
  • Click the down arrow next to the red record button.
  • Beneath your camera, pick your Apple TV which is also called Living Room.
  • There will be an Airplay passcode, type in this passcode on your Mac.
  • Your Apple display mirror will show on your Mac.
  • Take a screenshot on your Mac and you’re done. For that to be done, tap the CmD + Shift + 4 followed by clicking the spacebar to bring up a camera Icon.
  • Scroll your visit to the Quick Time window and click once to capture a screenshot.

Your Apple TV remote can now be used to remote the navigate to the apps and use the method to take Screenshots to your taste.

The limitations of Apple TV Screenshots

Screenshots of DRM protected content like videos from Netflix or similar streaming can’t be taken.

However, screenshots of games, your Home screen and system settings can be taken. Enjoy the newly learned knowledge you have now and take all the screenshots of your choice with the Guide above.

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