Doordash Will Now Deliver Covid19 Test Kits To Your Home: What You Should Expect

Doordash Will Now Deliver Covid19 Test Kits To Your Home – In the face of a pandemic, the great medication is early detection and prevention of further spread. COVID-19 kits are a excellent way to become aware of the coronavirus early on, and now you can order your very own from DoorDash.

DoorDash’s New Service for COVID-19 Kits

You can study more about this improvement on the official DoorDash blog. In a bit to help prevent the spread, the delivery company has teamed up with Vault Health and Everlywell to get COVID-19 test kits into people’s palms quickly. Unfortunately, the kit delivery carrier is not available everywhere currently:

Doordash Will Now Deliver Covid19 Test Kits To Your Home

The Vault Health powered COVID-19 Saliva Test Kit or the Everlywell COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit DTC will be available in 12 DashMart locations across the U.S. including Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Phoenix, with more cities rolling out in the coming months.

The kits also don’t come cheap. Vault Health’s supplying comes in at $119, at the same time as Everlywell’s kit weighs in at $109.However, DoorDas h notes that healthcare insurance may compensate for the cost. However, you do get an outstanding carrier on your money. DoorDash can supply the Vault Health test kits with same-day delivery, and you will get a test result back within 24 hours of it arriving at the lab. That means you may move from checkout to being checked out very fast as possible.

Jason Feldmn the CEO and founder of vault is rightfully proud of his service:

Vault makes diagnostic testing easy, comfortable, and very fast across the US. Our partnership with DoorDash unlocks same-day access to our easy to collect saliva COVID test, allowing a patient to spit into a tube and receive their results in 24 hours to get them back to travel, work, school, and family time.

Utilizing Technology to Beat Back the Coronavirus

DoorDash is however one of many organizations answering the call to assist the overall public in their time of need. The technological world makes a speciality of fast, dependable deliveries with out requiring the user to leave home; a horrible situation for retail stores, but incredible for combating the coronavirus.

For instance, meals delivery apps have rallied to assist preserve people fed during the pandemic. People in quarantine no longer ought to depend on third-party help wholly; these days, you are only a few clicks away from getting piping hot meals at your doorstep. Not only that, but technology has made entertainment more reachable than ever. To help pass the time while in lockdown, companies are freely giving content to their users. For instance, Sony is gifting away free PlayStation games for its Play at Home scheme.

A safer way to test yourself for COVID-19

To help people live safe, DoorDash is now delivering COVID-19 test kits to people across the US. It does not come cheap, however the speedy results is definitely worth your money if you’re concerned about you or your loved one’s health. Of course, assisting the general public through the pandemic is not just about food and entertainment. For instance, Apple Maps now display you where vaccination facilities are.

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