How to Maximize Your Instagram Exposure in 2021: Smart Ways to Grow your Instagram

How to Maximize Your Instagram Exposure in 2021 – Instagram which is the social media app that’s fun, has a creative way to capture, edit and share photos, videos and messages with friends and family launched different cool new features and now the platform has expanded beyond a place to just share prompt snaps taken on your phone. With the new features, users now have better options for increasing their exposure.

Sharing Instagram Reels

The Reels feature made a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram possible. It’s used to create 30 seconds videos and allows you to share with both your followers and the broader Instagram community.

In your leisure hours, Reels could be used for creative of any kind. I.e., quick photography tips, cooking recipe overviews and advice for solving problems.

How to Maximize Your Instagram Exposure in 2021

To create an Instagram Reel:

  • Click on the + icon. A new post will be created.
  • Head to the Reels.
  • Create and customize your Reel.
  • Tap the Next Arrow beneath your screen.
  • Make your choice on where you’ll like your Reel to be shared.

Using IGTV

This feature has been accessible for quite some time now (since 2018). Though, users of Instagram rarely make use of it.

The IGTV allows users to make videos of up to an hour which must be formatted to MP4. The file must not exceed 3.6GB. Your computers can use this Instagram feature too in uploading full tutorial videos, documentaries and more.

To upload a video to IGTV from your smartphone:

  • Head to your profile.
  • Select on the +icon to the top right.
  • Select IGTV video.
  • Upload a video from your device.
  • Type in a title and description.
  • After customizing, share by clicking Post.

Uploading IGTV from your computer:

  •  Sign into your IG account.
  • Head to your profile.
  •  Tap the IGTV tab.
  • Click Upload.
  • Upload any video of your choice, a title and description.
  • Once your done customizing your content, scroll down and choose Post.

Mixing Photos and Videos in Your Post

Mixing Photos and Videos is very possible with one or another or even both combined forms of media with carousels. Making uploads isn’t different from publishing a regular photo post.

Steps to follow:

  • Head to your IG app.
  • Click on the + icon to create a new post.
  • Choose between a pre-recorded video or create one on the spot.
  • Type your caption, location, accounts you want to tag etc.
  • One your done customizing, click on Share.

Creating Guides

Guides assist contents to create more in-depth insights and extra value to your audience. It can be used to create products recommendation, travel tips and more. It also makes a spot for description available.

How to create an IG Guide

Here’s how to create an Instagram Guide:

  • Head to the IG app and click on the +button.
  • Select a Guide Type of your choice.
  • Click on next and share once your done.

Using Hashtags in Your Stories

 Using Hashtags on your posts is well known, but here’s how you can use it on the stories.

To add hashtags to your stories:

  • Upload a picture or video.
  • Click on the third icon (looks like a sticker).
  • Pick the #HASHTAG option and add your hashtag.

Going Live on Your Page

Engaging with your Audience/ fans can be pretty cool. You’ll have 60 minutes to 4 hours to do that (depending on how long your want it to be). It allows you to interact with your audience in real-time.

How to go live on Instagram:

  • Tap on your picture.
  • Scroll to Live from the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the big red button.

To control your story functions, go to the settings Icon in the top left.

Using the Professional Dashboard

To growing a presence on Instagram, know the numbers behind your content.

To access your professional dashboard:

  • Head to your profile.
  • Click on View Professional Dashboard.

That’s it.

  Instagram has got amazing Features beyond the simple image post of its early days. Enjoy its features

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