How to stop losing followers on Instagram: Here are some easy ways

How to stop losing followers on Instagram – One of the major reasons to lose followers on Instagram is because you have not followed them back. If that doesn’t seem to be the reason, and you are still wondering why you are losing followers on Instagram, here are few possible reasons.

How to stop losing followers on Instagram

You bought followers

Instagram doesn’t support its users purchasing followers, they deemed such acts as manipulation, buying followers involves a bunch of bots and fake accounts. If you purchase such services from someone who promises to get you a thousand or million followers for a few dollars, then this might be the reason your follower count has dropped, because Instagram purges such accounts.

You have been shadowbanned  

Instagram will shadowban any accounts trying to manipulate the system by buying followers or using third-party cheats. shadow ban meant that the Instagram app will function normally for you, but Instagram will deliberately hide your post.

To know if your account has been shadow ban ask your friend to unfollow and searched for one of the hashtags you added under your post, if your post is found that means that your account is safe.

You are posting too often or infrequently

If you post too often, your followers will get tired of your pictures spamming their timeline (especially for sponsored posts and brand engagements) and if you post too infrequently followers will think you aren’t worth subscribing to.

You are making basic Instagram mistakes

Major reasons why you may be losing followers, there are other factors that can cause people to stop following you for example;

  • Posting topics irrelevant to your brand
  • Controversial this divide people’s opinion
  • Not engaging with commenters under your posts
  • Posting without the right hashtags
  • Poor captions
  • Posting sub-par photos
  • Not editing your photos well

Losing a follower does not mean you are doing a terrible job, Instagram should be a way to escape reality.

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