How to Print from A Chromebook: Smart Steps

How to Print from A Chromebook – Here is a step-by-step guide on how to print from chrome.

Chromebook is beneficial to people who do a lot of work on the internet, as they are cheap and quite easy, but just like other computers, there are times when you will need to print something on paper.

How to Print from A Chromebook

However, it is quite easy to connect a printer to your Chromebook, either via network or through USB

Setting up a Network printer

Many offices and home Wi-Fi networks have been set up to use a central printer for all of their printing needs. It is very easy to connect any network printer you may be using via Chromebook. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:

  • Open the Chromebook settings
  • Tap on the device button
  • Scroll down to print and scan
  • Select printers
  • Your Chromebook will detect any network printers you can connect to, under the Add printers to your profile section
  • next to the save button you want to use, click on the Save button
  • You can proceed to use the printer, using the standard version

If your printer doesn’t show up check that it’s power on and connected to the network. You can also try turning your Wi-Fi off and on.

Connecting USB printer

To connect your USB, plug your printer into your Chromebook and go to the printing menu. Your Chromebook will automatically detect it and allow you to add a printer the same way you did with your network printer.

Ensure your printer is turned and the USB cable is connected if it doesn’t work.

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