How to add and remove shortcuts on Facebook: Here’s how

How to add and remove shortcuts on Facebook – If you don’t want shortcut icons occupying your app, here is how to add or remove them on Facebook.

Facebook app keeps getting updated, all of the new features can overwhelm you if you are reading this, which means you are looking to manage your shortcuts on your home screen. There few ways you use to simplify by customizing the shortcuts tab.

How to add and remove shortcuts on Facebook

Shortcuts on the Facebook app grant you access to different pages and features in one place, you will see these icons on the shortcut bar located at the top or bottom of the mobile app, they also appear at the top page of the Facebook website on desktop browsers.

This makes it easier and quicker to navigate, theirs is no need to scroll through a menu to get to where you want.

Here the shortcut you can find in the shortcut bar.


The shortcut is located to the left of the homepage, this is where you will have access to your news feed it is represented by the house icon and can’t be removed.


Settings are located to right, it’s known as the hamburger icon and will open a page where you can have quick access to things like saved posts and events, as well as several menu tabs from where you can customize the settings of the app. This tab is essential and can not be removed.

Notification icon

Here you will find all your notifications, like comments, likes, and shares this icon is represented by the bell icon. This tab can not be removed.


The profile icon is where you can access your profile and all your post. You can remove it and if you do you can still access your profile from the settings


This is where you can view all you friend’s suggestion list to add and also friend request, this tab is removable and if you remove it you will get friend request notification in the notification tab I stead.


This icon is represented with a tent icon, this where you get to buy and sell items


This is a circular icon with three people and can be removed


Provide videos from creators that you may be interested in. It’s a rectangular play button icon and be removed.

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