How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12

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How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12 – There are a number of ways to toggle the battery percentage in iPhone 12, in this article I will show you all the ways with their detailed steps how to show battery percentage in your iPhone 12 mobile device in general.

How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12

First Method on How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12

  1. Swipe down the widget features from the top of the screen of your iPhone device, You will see the control center.
  2. From this option you will be able to see the battery percentage on  iPhone appear next on the battery icon.
  3. This is just a temporary solution as you are just viewing the feature from the options screen.

Using Widget to Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12

Contributing to the apple features, Apple also introduced the support for widgets that can be added to the user’s home screen. There are a few options in widget for batteries, but you won’t see the battery percentage on iPhone in them unless you select the correct widget. To add a battery percentage widget, you just have to follow a couple of number of steps:

  1. From your home screen view, long press the screen as this will bring up some options.
  2. Tap on the plus (+) icon that appears on the top left corner as this will bring up the widget menu.
  3. Now select the “Batteries” widget option. This option consist a couple number of batteries widget options, This include; The small widget which take up to four app spaces (2*2), a medium one that occupies eight app spaces (4 * 2), and a more detailed large widget that takes up to sixteen app spaces (4 * 4).
  4. To add one to your device home screen, You can drag your desired option and drop at your desired spot or just hit “Add widget” to drop one in the appropriate place.

Ask Siri by using voice command

With Siri (The apple global voice assistant) installed in almost all Apple devices, You can ask this voice assistant a couple number of questions and receive the right responsive feedback. Here are a few questions you can ask Siri about your iPhone battery percentage:


  • What is my battery percentage?
  • Battery Percentage?
  • Battery Status?
  • Battery left?
  • Battery Charged?
  • How much battery do i have left?

Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12 By Charging Your Mobile Device

In almost all smartphones, when you plug in the appropriate device charger it shows the battery percentage in the lock screen view, This is also the case with iPhone mobile devices irrespective of the charging methods which include lightning port, MagSafe charger, or wireless charging.

  • Charging Via MagSafe

In the case of charging via MagSafe, The charging animation is different from the iPhone 12 lineup. This is not available in the rest of the iPhone Mobile devices; You will see the standard battery percentage under it.

This will also bring up a similiar notification on the lock screen once you remove iPhone from a power source or wireless charging.

Using Third-Party Apps to view Battery Percentage

If you are not satisfied with the built-in features of the iPhone mobile device, You can consider using third-party application for showing your battery percentage. Here are a few third-party applications you can choose from:

  • Battery HD+

This app displays battery performance in detail. It shows some necessary information such as; Temperature, voltage as well as the battery usage charts. Also with the battery percentage on iPhone displayed in the widget, It also shows user’s battery usage patterns. The widget can also be customized to the user’s taste. This app is available in the Apple App Store for free.

  • Battery Life Doctor Pro

This app shows users information about the battery usage in their mobile devices and tips on improving battery life. It only supports device starting from iPhone 11. You can download it from the Apple App Store.

  • Usage: System Activity Widgets

This app is an excellent tool for monitoring battery in iPhone mobile devices. The app has over 20 widgets for iOS gadgets. Having shown battery details the app also shows detailed spec about iOS device hardware. You can download this app in the Apple App Store.

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