iPhone 12 2020 Review – Official Release Date – Leaks and Specifications

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iPhone 12 – The iPhone 11 Apple product focused on camera tweaks and putting a bit more power inside, but they were the most upgrades at best. So what will the next iPhone which is the first true flagship apple device of a new decade bring to us?.

We’ve already seen Apple unveil the budget iPhone this year in the form of the iPhone SE but it’s almost certain that the company will bring a new flagship series towards the end of the 2020.

iPhone 12 2020 Review  - Official Release Date

iPhone 12 2020 Review

The good work was is that we’ve heard a whole lot of stories about the iPhone 12 which includes the possibility of a 5G iPhone model, new cameras, a new design and much more. We are pretty sure that the 2020 apple phones will be called the iPhone 12 series even though Apple hasn’t confirmed the name yet.

Some may call it iPhone 2020 or the new iPhone, very funny. Apple may surprise us with a whole new name entirely, so that may be subjected to change in the future.

There are some analysts who believe there will be four different iPhone 12 models;

  • 5.4 inch model.
  • 6.1 inch model.
  • And 6.7 inch model.

This means there might be two standard iPhone 12 devices – the iPhone 12 regular and the iPhone 12 max.

Despite fierce competitions from smartphone manufacturing Giants across the globe, the Apple iPhone remains one of the most sought after premium pieces of consumer tech in the world.

iPhone 12 2020 Official Release Date

It is largely expected that the next generation iPhone will be unveiled at a grand event in 2020. Apple usually has it’s annual launch events in September, so it’s expected that it would be same for this year 2020.

However, it is unclear to us if the covid19 pandemic that has hit the whole world will affect the launch of the iPhone 12 apple phone.

iPhone 12 2020 Specification

The giant iPhone 11 has double camera on the standard model and three cameras on the pro version but we are guessing that the iPhone 12 will feature a triple lens camera with a LIDAR sensor as seen on iPad pro. It may offer different screen size to the previous – either a 5.4 inch smaller screen version or a 6.7 inch max version.

The LIDAR sensor will provide better performance in iPhone AR apps and also provide a boost to it’s photography performance as well. The iPhone 12 shipments will likely reach 80 million in 2020 with the 6.1 inch model serving as the driving force and accounting for 50% of shipments. The publication says the 5.4 inch model will make up to 30—35% shipments and the most expensive and largest 6.7 inch iPhone 12 pro max will account for 15—20%.

The iPhone 12 should be Apple’s biggest upgrade in years, even if the iPhone 12 does not arrive in September, the most premium model could be held back.

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