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How to Get a Job in Canada From Nigeria – Every year, Canada invites people from around the world to come and live and work there. Many folks from Nigeria have moved to Canada for various reasons, such as education and work. They do this because Canada is a safe place to live, it’s got good job opportunities, healthcare is free, and life is good there.

You might be wondering, “Can I get a job in Canada from Nigeria?” Well, I’ve got the answers for you in this blog. I’ll guide you through the steps you need to take to land a job in Canada.

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The Canadian government really wants to find skilled workers for different jobs. They open up lots of opportunities for people like you who want to work in Canada. What’s exciting is that you can actually get a job offer from a Canadian employer while you’re still in Nigeria.

Steps to Get a Job in Canada

Do You Need a Canadian Work Permit?

Not every job you find in Canada needs a work permit. It’s important to first check if the job you’re interested in requires one.

If you don’t see your job on the work permit list, don’t worry. You can still apply for a work permit in Canada through either the International Mobility Program (IMP) or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Now, if you decide to go with the TFWP, you’ll need a work permit from employers who have something called a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). On the flip side, if you choose the IMP route, you don’t need an LMIA before an employer can hire you. Some types of open work permits under LMIA include the Post-Graduate Work Permit and the Working Holiday Visa.

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Update your CV

Before you start sending out applications, it’s crucial to make sure your CV matches the Canadian job you’re interested in. Your CV should include your current job, references, and accurate contact information.

You can even ask your employers and clients for recommendations to give your job search a boost, especially if you’re using your LinkedIn profile.

Select the Companies You Want to Apply for

It might be tempting to apply for lots of jobs without tweaking your cover letter, but this can lead to your CV being all over the place on various job portals. That’s not an experience you’d want. So, Pay4Me suggests that you put in the effort to write unique cover letters for different companies.

Don’t just blanket apply to every Canadian job you find online to prevent the problem of using the same cover letter for similar jobs at different companies. Keep in mind that some Canadian companies work with recruiters who can quickly spot identical cover letters on multiple job portals.

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Follow Up on Your Applications

It’s a good practice to follow up on your job applications. If you haven’t heard back from the companies, consider sending them an email. This shows that you’re proactive and genuinely interested in the job.

And when you do receive interview invitations, make sure to email the companies to confirm your availability, and don’t forget to express your gratitude. Being polite can go a long way in making a positive impression.

Get to Work on Networking

Consider seeking networking opportunities at career fairs and job events in Nigeria. These events are not exclusive to Canada and can connect you with individuals who share the dream of working there or can provide valuable assistance.

Have you considered volunteering in Canada? It’s a great way to gain Canadian work experience. Additionally, there are job assistance services available to help you when you arrive in Canada.

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Are Qualifications Accredited?

Before making your move to Canada, ensure you check if your profession requires accreditation. Some professional jobs demand accreditation before you can work in Canada. Also, it’s crucial to demonstrate that your educational qualifications meet Canadian standards, especially for post-secondary education roles.

You can use Pay4Me to make your payment for the World Education Assessment (WES). WES will handle your educational evaluation, which is vital if you plan to work in Canada.

Top Canadian Job Listing Websites

When looking for job opportunities in Canada, here are some websites you can explore:

Canada Job Bank: This website offers a wide range of job listings and is a popular choice for job seekers in Canada.

eJobbo: eJobbo matches your qualifications and skills with job ads in Canada.

Indeed: Indeed is a well-known job-hunting site with various Canadian job opportunities.

Career Builder: You can find the latest Canadian job postings on Career Builder.

Wow Jobs: Wow Jobs frequently advertises thousands of Canadian job opportunities.

Eluta: Eluta can help you discover the top 100 employers in Canada.

Monster: Monster provides career assistance to help you find the right job.

Simply Hired: This site offers both part-time and full-time job opportunities.

Workopolis: Workopolis is a platform where you can find jobs in small and large businesses in Canada.

Do all jobs in Canada require an ECA?

In Canada, many jobs don’t require an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). However, if you’re applying for positions in certain fields like being a medical professional, teacher, social worker, or physiotherapist, you’ll likely need accreditation from the relevant professional bodies.

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Check if you are eligible for a Job in Canada

To work in Canada, there are specific requirements you must meet, which include:

– Having a clear criminal record.

– Providing evidence that you intend to leave Canada when your work permit expires.

– Undergoing a health assessment to demonstrate you are in good health.

– Showing proof of sufficient funds to support yourself.

Final thought

If securing a job in Canada from Nigeria proves challenging, you might want to consider the student route, which is often more accessible for many Nigerians.

With a Canadian student visa, you can live, study, and even work in Canada, providing an alternative path to your Canadian dream.

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