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Google flight makes it easy to find affordable flights on various airlines. Google flight should be the first site to visit when searching for domestic and international airfare before booking your flight with a specific airline.

Google flight has made important improvements to its site design, algorithm, and features. Google flights are fully integrated into Google travel that allows travelers a one-stop shop for trip planning.

Google flight

New google flight features

When you input your destination on the Google flight, Google flight shows you the COVID trends including the following parameters associated with the virus that could assist you plan your trip successfully:

  • You will be able to know the % of flights operating at the local airport
  • % of hotel availability
  • Link to travel advisories
  • Link to covid case count

Google flight has an incorporated query similar to your destination for example if you search Hawaii or Honolulu, Google flights allow you to filter questions related to cost, local favorite and how to find your way around.

Google flights also give you recommendations on the best time to visit, you can see when to visit including the most popular month and the time of the year in one click.

How to save with google flights search

Google flights work better as an airfare search engine many people have been able to get lower fares by using google flights. Just go to input your departure and arrival city information to access cheap flights with google flights

Pros and cons of google flights

Google flights allow you compare prices, routes, airlines, and more in one place. But it also has its disadvantage.

Here are some and pros about google flights


  • You will be bale to find out if other prices for a flights route are more affordable of higher
  • Insight on affordable accommodation and things to enjoy in your location of interest
  • Message on if your flight has gone up or went down


  • Not all airlines are included
  • Southwest is the most notable omission
  • You have to log into google to access google flights benefits
  • Flights can not be book directly on google flights sites.

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