Google Flights Search Anywhere | How to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere

Google Flights Search Anywhere – Google flights search is one of the most important flight search engines on the internet, Google search flights anywhere is easy to use and has a lot of features to make hunting for affordable air flight easier.

In this article, I will be discussing how to get the most out of Google flights search and hopefully find more cheap flights.

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Google Flights Search Anywhere

Advantages and features of google flights | what google flight is good at

Google flights search has so many advantages and features:

  • Lighting fast: google flights search is a lot faster than any other flight search engine, good flights search display months worth of fares in a matter of seconds
  • Calendar-based fare view: you will be provided with an intuitive calendar view that displays the cheapest fare over the next 12 months when you use google flights search
  • Multiple airports: you can search for the most affordable fare between 7 origin and 7 destination airports, without slowing search down when you use google flights search
  • Map-based search: when you used Google search flights you will be able to see the cheapest place to fly from your airport during your preferred dates range when you use google flights search

How and why to use google flights search?

Google flights search is used by lots of people, as they tend to have the most versatile search functionality, like their price calendar tool, for scouring through months of data to identify the best airfares for each route.

Google flights search proving data derived from the airlines themselves and therefore google flights search is generally accurate, it may not be perfect because of the fluctuations of air prices google flights search still deliver.

Follow the steps below to find the cheapest travel dates using google flights search using dates.

Using Google flights search to find cheapest travel dates

If you located google flights search by using itinerary, start by changing your departure/ destination airport as needed to suit your plans.

  • Find all available dates with the lowest prices, begin by clicking the departure date in the search field
  • Once it finishes loading you will be able to see calendar populate with prices
  • You can easily see the cheapest departure dates, as they highlighted in green
  • The calendar will refresh to show you the total journey cost based on which dates you decide to return
  • Google flights search will automatically suggest the best flights based on the prices and travel time and other factors

Using Google flights filters to find cheap flights with google search

You can filter with a certain airline, departure time, and the number of stops on the route, and even connecting airports.

Note: don’t overlook the flight duration filter behind the more menu, it is the best way to remove overnight layovers from your result

Select your route

After selecting your departure flights, you will be shown an election of return flights to select from and the price for the total journey next to each of them.

Select your preferred and google will show you the best options to book.

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