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Facebook Whistleblower – A whistleblower is an informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it. Facebook is undoubtedly the largest and most popular social network in the world today, which is used for social purposes and interactions between family and friends.

While Facebook is seen as one of the biggest tech companies among the tech giants, A new whistleblower a Former Facebook employee submitted an affidavit that alleges that the company prizes growth and profits over combating hate speech, misinformation, and other threats to the public, according to the document obtained by the Washington Post.

Facebook Whistleblower

The whistleblower allegation which was declared under penalty of perjury and shared with the Washington Post on condition of anonymity, echoed many of those made by Frances Haugen, another Facebook former employee whose scathing testimony before congress this month intensified bipartisan calls for federal action against the company.

Facebook Whistleblower What Happened?

Frances Haugen, A former Facebook product manager who left the company in May revealed that she had provided internal documents to journalists and others.

Frances Haugen, told Mr. Tye the founder of whistleblower Aid, a legal nonprofit that represents people seeking to expose potential lawbreaking and his team something intriguing: She had access to tens of thousands of internal documents from the world’s largest social network. In a series of call she asked for legal protection and a path to releasing the confidential information.

Facebook Whistleblower Live

On Sunday, Frances Haugen revealed herself to be “Sean” the whistle-blower against Facebook. A Product manager who worked for nearly two years on the civic misinformation team at the social network before leaving in May. Ms. Haugen has used the documents she amassed to expose how much Facebook knew about the harms that it was causing and provided the evidence to lawmakers, regulators and the news media.

In an interview with “60 Minutes”, Ms. Haugen , 37 Said she had grown alarmed by what she saw at Facebook. The company repeatedly puts its own interest first rather than the public’s interest, she said so she copied pages of Facebook’s internal research and decided to do something about it.

Facebook Whistleblower Information

“I’ve seen a bunch of social networks and it was substantially worse at Facebook than what i have seen elsewhere”, Said Ms. Haugen the Facebook whistle-blower.

She added, “Facebook, over and over again, has shown it chooses profit over safety.”

Ms. Haugen gave many of the documents containing the information to wall street journal, which last month began publishing the findings. The information including that Facebook Knew that Instagram was worsening body image issues among Teenagers and that it had a two-tier justice system – has spurred criticism from lawmakers, regulators and the public.

Ms. Haugen has also filed a whistle-blower complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission, accusing Facebook of misleading investors with public statement that did not match its internal actions. And She had talked with lawmakers such as Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat of Connecticut, and senator Marsha Blackburn, a Republican if Tennessee, and Shared subsets of the documents with them.

Facebook Whistleblower Video

The airing of Frances Haugen’s Facebook concerns during the 60 minutes interview was followed by testimony made by the whistleblower during a hearing on the 5th of October. Ms. Haugen appeared before the US senate to provide suggestions about the safety of young users on Instagram, as well as ensure that Facebook improves its transparency within the industry.

“I believe that Facebook products harm children, The company and leadership know-how to make Facebook and Instagram safer but won’t make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profit before people,” Said Ms. Haugen.

Facebook Whistleblower Summary

Frances Haugen was an insider in the Facebook Company, having worked for nearly two years, making her a powerful critic.

At Facebook, she studied how the social network algorithm amplified misinformation and was exploited by foreign adversaries.

Research shows Facebook coveted young users despite health concerns.

Ms. Haugen was aired during a 60 minutes interview in which she testified about the safety of young users on Instagram.

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