How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Following on Medium: Best Platforms

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Following on Medium– Medium is a good platform for blogging, though social media can help you reach new audiences and followers

Medium is an old blogging platform that has gained popularity recently.

You can be paid for writing about whatever topic you want on medium, but to advertise your work and garner a following, social media is particularly valuable

Why Use Social Media to Promote Your Medium Articles?

With respect to the commission on published articles, Medium can only pays writers for internal reads from paid subscribers.

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Following on Medium

That means for you to make money from someone who reads your article, they must be members who pay the US$5/month subscription and the article must be accessed within the platform.

Someone may be asking how does social media help you increase your Medium following?

Firstly, when you share your post on various social media platforms, someone may read your article and want to sign up to bypass the paywall and have access to all your post. This will give you a commission, as well as a new reader.

You can also develop your internal Medium following through interacting on Facebook groups and on Twitter. Other medium members will follow you on the site after chatting with you on the social media platform or reading your work. Therefore, this may possibly increase your payout from Medium over time.

Those external viewers from social media groups for medium, learning from the veterans of the platform and forming a great group of friends from communicating on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How to Promote Your Medium Articles on Social Media

There are Three best platforms on which you can promote your Medium posts which are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This platform is the one with the greatest number of users, which will pull more traffic and more visibility for your articles.


This is a social media platform with the most active Medium writers. It is a platform where you can possibly meet new friends who also write on medium, you should join groups to share articles, and also ask questions about how the site works.

In case you are new to Medium Facebook groups, there are little groups you can join that are best for developing rapport with other writers and gaining the following on Medium:

  • Medium Writers and Bloggers (9K members)
  • Medium Writers (4.5K members)
  • Medium Mastery (4.3K members)
  • Medium Writers Lounge (3.9K members)
  • Medium Dreamers (2.5K members)
  • Medium Magic (1.8K members)

You can also post your article on your personal Facebook profile or make a Facebook page for advertising your Medium posts.


This is a writer’s paradise. This platform is the most interactive when it comes to readers complimenting and sharing your work. If you connect your Medium page to your Twitter account, this ensures that each time your post is shared Via Twitter, you get a notification.

To connect your Medium account to Twitter:

  • Go to your Medium application
  • click on the avatar on the bottom corner on the far right.
  • choose Settings.
  • Next to the Twitter option, click on Connect.
  • Read the prompt and choose Authorize App.
  • If prompted, enter your Twitter username and password.
  • choose Authorize App again, you will then be redirected back to your Medium app.

You can go ahead to post your work on your Twitter page and use the appropriate hashtags to draw the attention of prospective clients and other Medium writers.


This is one of the best platforms to use in advertising your writing. A lot of top writers claims that they have gotten jobs from promoting their blogging articles

We advise sharing your work by posting the link to your Medium article in your Instagram bio, screenshotting the article you want to share, and then captioning the photograph of the article to lead people to click on the link in your bio

Although users cannot add links to the captions in our Instagram posts, luckily, there are other ways to add links to your Instagram posts and you can also use these tips to promote your Medium articles.

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