Facebook Messenger Desktop App – Facebook Messenger finally has its own desktop app, making it easier to message and video chats with friends and family from your computer.

The app, which is now available on the Microsoft Store and Mac App Store, lets you message friends and start video calls, just like on the mobile and web versions. It also includes a dark mode, which Facebook has been rolling out as one of the new features introduced to the desktop’s redesign.

Facebook Messenger Desktop App

Messenger App for Desktop

The launch of a standalone desktop app for Facebook Messenger has been a long time coming, with strong hints that Facebook was working on an app as early as 2016. Facebook later launched a desktop app for Workplace, its collaboration tool, in late 2017. But it didn’t announce Messenger for desktop until last year.

Facebook’s Messenger desktop app joins the increasingly important pool of videoconferencing tools such as Zoom, which is facing backlash for its privacy and security issues.

As many of us practice social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic, video chat apps are becoming vital tools to keep in contact with friends and family. Facebook finally launching a full version of its Messenger desktop app should make it a little bit easier for users to video chat with their friends.

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Also, it has been stated that there has been “a 100% increase in people using their desktop browser for audio and video calling on Messenger.”

Features of New Facebook Messenger App

The Messenger app for Windows and macOS introduced the features that were missing from the web version. Some of the key features of Messenger Desktop App were Notification for new messages, dark mode, GIF support, Chat syncs across devices, group video calls, etc.

How to download & install the Messenger Desktop app?

The app is available for both Windows and Mac users. To download and install the Messenger desktop app, one needs to head to the Microsoft Store or Mac App Store. On the app store, search for Messenger and install it directly from there.

Or else, you can click on the links given below to download the software on PC.

Once installed, open the app and sign in with your Facebook account. Now you will be able to video call your friends through the messenger desktop app.

So, this article is all about how to use Facebook Messenger on Desktop. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.

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