Learn the Simple Steps to Connect Window Blinds with Wi-Fi

Learn the Simple Steps to Connect Window Blinds with Wi-Fi – Internet of things (IoT) has become embedded in the lifestyle of the modern-day individuals. It has become the need of the hour as we are getting more and more dependent on technology.

In the times when everything has become mechanized, how can the good old blinds be left behind? Like many other things, these have also been automated to facilitate better operation.

Learn the Simple Steps to Connect Window Blinds with Wi-Fi

Embedded with the latest technology motorized blinds offer the ease of drawing and lifting with just the click of a button or even with the voice command. These blinds are either powered by batteries or require electric current to operate. In this article, we shall learn how to connect blinds to Wi-Fi so as to operate them effortlessly.

Steps to Learn the Simple Steps to Connect Window Blinds with Wi-Fi

1) To establish this connection, you require setting up myLink for this, just plug in my link device to a power outlet located near the window. Also, download the app. As you turn on electricity the device will blink red.

2) Next, click start new system on the app and follow the prompts that pop up.

3) This will brighten the red color to indicate that the device is setting up.

4) Click open the network settings on the device and connect to myLink network.

5) Search myLink button on myLink app and update the time by enabling the app to use your location.

6) It is time now to enter your Wi-Fi password and move to the next step. Once you do this you will see the LED on the device turning solid green in color.

7) Tab on continue and follow the prompts to take the process further.

8) You will get the option to name your myLink and select the preferred icon. Complete these tasks step by step.

9) You can start the RTS programming after setting up myL for this, you must identify the transmitter controlling the shades and confirm that it is working fine.

10) Now, select the channels that control the blinds you wish to program. This will help complete programming on the selected c You can press Done in case you want to add more channels.

This completes the configuration of myLink device. The connectivity between your Wi-Fi and window treatment is now established.

Would you like to get up from your seat to adjust blinds in the middle of a presentation, meeting, or training session thereby disturbing everyone around or rather manage this small yet essential task with just one touch sitting right where you are?

Well, we know you are smart enough to choose the latter option more so because automating the blinds does not require much effort. You can do this easily with the help of a few simple steps mentioned above. Just bring home the aforementioned device, download the app, and follow the steps one by one to operate the blinds effortlessly.

Don’t forget to share your experience of mechanizing the shades by following this procedure. Also, let us know how you are liking all-new automated window treatment.

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