COVID Card on iPhone – How to Add your Vaccine Card Using A QR Code – Manage or Remove a Vaccination Card

COVID Card on iPhone – With your iPhone mobile device, you can leave the paper vaccination record at home.

Due to the surge of the COVID-19 infection, it’s becoming it is becoming increasingly likely that people may need to show proof of vaccination. Occasions, restaurants, large events venues, some airlines, and even some workplaces require proof of vaccination in order to use their services. Unfortunately, the COVID vaccine card came in the form of a small piece of unlaminated paper that is just slightly too big to fit in a standard wallet.

COVID Card on iPhone

Now, having just your Apple iPhone device, you can fit this unlaminated vaccine paper into any of your apple smart iPhone devices digitally.

If you have an iPhone or Apple watch, you now have the option to add your COVID-19 vaccine card so you can quickly show proof that you are fully vaccinated which is a timely feature for the ongoing pandemic.

Early in October, the Apple Inc. Started allowing users to store verifiable health records in the mobile health app and this feature was included in the beta of iOS 15.1 but not iPhone users.

Now, the ability of users to store their vaccination card in their mobile device means you can leave your printed card at home and no longer have to stress over carrying it every you are going out for an event.

This feature only works with a provided QR code by your vaccine provider who provides code or downloadable file for vaccine record.

How to Add your Vaccine Card Using A QR Code?

If your vaccine provider gave you a QR code when you got vaccinated, You can scan it using your iPhone’s Camera. Once your phone scans the vaccine code, A health app notification will appear.

Once you have added the vaccine card to your health app, other apps(such as the vaccine passport app, airline apps, and so on) could request it specifically so they can verify status without obtaining any other personal details.

Once you open your health app, you will see your iOS device telling you that you have a COVID-19 vaccine record and you can add it to your wallet by just tapping the “Add to Wallet” and you are done. Or if you did not see this notice or maybe you closed it by mistake follow the steps below:

  • Open the iOS health app in your mobile device.
  • Tap on the browser tab.
  • In the health record section, tap immunizations
  • Tap COVID-19 vaccine.
  • You may see several entries-records for multiple doses, and records from your health state, Tap on the most recent option.
  • Tap on the Add wallet link, If you don’t see it, tap back and try another record.
  • You will see the red vaccination card with QR code. Tap Done to add it to your wallet.

Uploading A file to your Vaccine Provider

If you received a link from your COVID-19 Vaccine provider to download your COVID-19 vaccine record, You can tap the link on your iPhone device to add your card to your Apple Wallet and health app.

Updating Your Apple Wallet If you get a Booster dose

If you receive a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, it won’t automatically update in your apple wallet. Instead, you’ll have to use the method mentioned above to add it to your wallet.

Manage or Remove a Vaccination Card

Tap on the vaccination card, tap on the More button, then do any of the following

  • See the immunization details: Tap Open to see the information in the Health app.
  • Remove the card: Tap Remove Pass.

Note: Removing a vaccination card from Wallet doesn’t remove the corresponding vaccination record from the Health app. However, if you have an Apple Watch paired to your iPhone, the vaccination card is removed from your Apple Watch.

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