Branch Loan App | How To Apply Loan Using Branch Loan App

Branch Loan App makes it simply easy for individuals in Nigeria and other 6 supported region to access loan depending on your credit rating, anytime and anywhere.

All you simply need do is complete the registration application within seconds and receive a loan based your credit decision straight into your linked or associated bank account.

Branch Loan App

How To Apply Loan Using Branch Loan App

The Branch app makes it very easy for individuals to get loans for moment they are in dear need of it at any time or anywhere. Upon downloading the Branch app you can do the following

  • Simply Sign up a profile providing your required data within seconds
  • Validate your profile with an in-app snap shot of yourself
  • Provide your banking details such as BVN, bank name and account number likewise phone number associated
  • Apply for a loan and
  • Await your credit report and loan decision
  • Receive requested money straight to your bank account
  • Likewise return or refund the loan obtained before or at the received loan due date.


The Branch Financial loan service using the Branch loan mobile app has in turn been making leads by ways bringing familiar boundary together and likewise using edge breaking technologies and a user-friendly smartphones mobile services to open a better platform for individual personal empowerment and also financial growth.

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